In Kiev, nervous: Russia and the People's Republic of China will build a new railway bypassing Ukraine

The media reported on the construction of a new railroad between Lugansk and Russia. It was reported that the Lugansk People’s Republic itself was willing to build this road around the Nezalezhnaya territory.

As experts note, such an initiative of the LNP is understandable, because Kiev has long ago turned its back on residents of these territories. In addition, Nezalezhnaya not only tortures the region with economic blockades, but has been fighting with local citizens for several years. Therefore, the Donetsk people have no choice but to seek help from the Russian side, which recently actively assisted the Republic. As is known, from Russia in recent years trucks with humanitarian assistance have been regularly sent to support the lives of local citizens suffering from the consequences of the war.

Also recall that this year in Russia began to officially recognize the passports of residents of these self-proclaimed Republics.

In Kiev, nervous: Russia and the People's Republic of China will build a new railway bypassing UkraineSource of the photo:

In this regard, experts call such a decision of the People’s Republic of Germany to build a railway canvas in Russia is quite understandable and logical concept. After all, despite the military conflict in the Republics, it continues its industrial life: many enterprises operate on its territory, for which Russia was the main market for the last time. Therefore, this new road will allow the Republic to even better maintain cooperation with the Russian side irrespective of the Ukrainian territories, and also to improve the process of food and industrial communication.

However, not all took the news of this project, the LCN is so welcome. Kiev experts, for example, noticeably nervous. That is why in Ukraine this news was decided to turn, using it against Russia, to continue fomenting the conflict in the southeast of Nezalezhnaya.

So, according to the local public activist Olga Aivazovskaya, such news about the construction of the road between the regions suggests that Russia has begun to actively implement its plan, which Moscow has long been preparing against Ukraine. Aivazovskaya believes that the Russian Federation specifically organizes various ties with the people’s republics in order to tie them to themselves and move them away from the Nezalezhnaya. However, in fact it turns out that Ukraine itself, instead of negotiating with the Donetsk people, is ready to go to anything, if only to continue to act by force, ignoring all the demands and requests of the inhabitants of Donbass.


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