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In Greece, offered a spectacular way to remove Western sanctions from the CrimeaGreek General suggested a way to remove sanctions from Crimea and Russia

At the Yalta Economic Forum, a public figure in Greece in the past, Lieutenant-General of the Greek Air Force Pavlos Christ proposed a method of lifting the sanctions on Russia and, in particular, from the Crimea.

In the opinion of the president of the Society of Friends of Crimea in Greece, Russia must establish the export of the West of the titanium, which is so necessary, exclusively through the Crimean peninsula.

My proposal is that the export and import of the Russian Federation with the European Union and the United States be carried out through the Crimea. This is especially true of titanium and metals, which are so necessary for the West, – RIA Novosti quotes Christ.

The Greek general said that the vice-premier of the Government of the Republic of Crimea did not just endorse this idea, but supported it. So, George Muradov proposed to create a foreign trade corporation, which must be registered as a Crimean legal entity. After that, give her the exclusive right to conduct import-export operations with the United States on vital for American positions.

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