"If not for our absurd matches": the reaction of "Spartacus" to the championship "Locomotive"Defender FC Rostov Jean Maier (left) and FC Spartak midfielder Roman Zobnin

Moscow "Spartacus" resigned from the champion of Russia in football, gold for the tour to the end was secured by the capital "Locomotive". On Saturday "Spartacus" during the celebration of the long-awaited championship of railroads beat "Rostov" with a score of 2: 0 and is still located on the second line. Practically all conversations "red-white" After the victory over the southerners were reduced to the theme of triumph "Loco". More – in the material of the correspondent of RIA Novosti Vasily Konov, Jr..

Main coach "Spartacus" Massimo Carrera about his attitude towards Yuri Semin:

"Mathematics punished us, we have chances to be second. I think getting into the group stage of the Champions League is very important. Congratulations "Locomotive", his coach, which I like very much as a person. He did his job well, as we did last year. The team that wins more, naturally becomes a champion.

"If not for our absurd matches": the reaction of "Spartacus" to the championship "Locomotive"

© RIA Novosti. Alexey Filippov Go to photobank

We had an unsuccessful start to the season, but then we recovered. Yes, we could have more points and play the championship until the last round. In the second round "Locomotive" slightly slowed down, but we did not use it. But I do not belittle the merits "Locomotive", who held a good championship".

Goalkeeper "red-white" Alexander Selikhov about where the team lost points:

"That "Locomotive" became a champion, found out only during the break. You can congratulate "Locomotive". In the first round I also made a gift to them. If it were not for our absurd matches, then we would have competed to the last. You can remember the matches with "Ural" (1: 2), "Tosno" (2: 2), "Locomotive" (3: 4), when led in two balls. Winners are not judged".

Forward "red-white" Quincy Promes on his captaincy:

"The whole team was fine today, we should be happy with the victory. Unfortunately, "Locomotive" became a champion. Congratulations to them. And we need to continue to fight for the Champions League.

"If not for our absurd matches": the reaction of "Spartacus" to the championship "Locomotive"© RIA Novosti. Grigory Sysoev

Who chose me as captain? Uh, I really do not know. I always try to lead a team with me, regardless of whether I have a bandage or not. We won two matches with my captaincy – a good tradition. Our real captain is Denis Glushakov. We respect him, he led us to the championship. We must not forget what he did for the team. Of course, I miss him on the field. He has qualities that help the team. I hope that soon he will return to the".

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich after the match "Locomotive" and "Zenith" managed to come and meet "red-white".

"True, I hoped that "Spartacus" The Cup of Russia will take, but it was not possible, unfortunately. Today "Spartacus" it was hard, but the leaders in the end played a role. The team must be cohesive. Denis Glushakov came after the match in the locker room, the atmosphere is normal. The team is set up to win in the last match. I hope that three Moscow teams will occupy the first three places (in the Premier League). I hope (for three teams from Moscow in the Champions League), I’m from Moscow".

"If not for our absurd matches": the reaction of "Spartacus" to the championship "Locomotive"© RIA Novosti. Alexey Filippov Go to photobank

Olympic champion in tennis and fan "Spartacus" Eugene Kafelnikov on his attitude to victory "Locomotive":

"Positive emotions from victory. Looked like "Spartacus" played the last match with "Amkar", it was evident that the guys had a fuse. For today’s game, initially it did not work, but the desire was. And this is the most important thing. When you see how the players are laid out, there can be no claims. In the last game you have to win "Dynamo", to guarantee the second place. Upset (because of the championship "Locomotive")".

Main coach "Of Rostov" Valery Karpin, who for a long time headed "Spartacus", held his first match in the arena "red-white". At the post-match press conference, the specialist was traditionally laconic:

"Emotions from the first match at the stadium "Spartacus"? Negative. To the self-giving of claims can not be. The players did what they could for today. "Spartacus" allowed the ball to own, but to strengthen there were no maneuvers".


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