"I want in Armenia": the correspondent of RFI about the campaign "He is not our king"Participants of the meeting failed to find common language with the police, may 5, 2018, Moscow.

RFI correspondent in Moscow Nigina Beroeva: The action took place in Moscow and other cities. In Moscow was detained and politician Alexei Navalny. Unlike many previous actions over the past year and a half, he still came to the rally, which he called out people. Today he was detained at Pushkin square, where protesters originally gathered.

Today on Pushkin square were many people. The area was originally blocked on the perimeter. 2 hours was assigned to the action, but before the start there were many people. But it was quite strange, because in addition to the protesters there was their “opponents”. Pushkin was surrounded by people in military costumes, and they had an accord, they were songs of the war years, they had gotten themselves with ribbons and demanded to change the Constitution, because according to them. Russia is under external control. It was also a lot of Cossacks, who at some point even lashed out with whips of people coming to the area at the call of Alexei Navalny.

Riot police have consistently warned that the actions of the citizens are illegal and that if they are not against them, force will be used and buses.

Read more about how to rally “we are not a king” in Moscow, listen to the podcast RFI:


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