People born after 2004 – the main thing.

Lokomotiv is a champion. With the last gold passed 14 years. During this time, generations of new fans and footballers have grown up. The captain of the champion “Loko” Igor Denisov in 2004 only dreamed about the basis of “Zenith”, the golden striker Eder played in the junior unknown to “Ademia”, and Kverkveliya did not even speak Russian. A six-year old girl, Katya, who sang and sounded the song of the capote “Lokomotiv” before the championship match with “Zenith”, was not yet born.

I've never seen the championship "Loco". At last!

Many fans of “Locomotive” knew about the last championship only from the stories of their parents and yet waited victorious in May 2018. Below are the seven happiest stories from the Lokomotiv stadium. Kids and teenagers saw the champion’s title of their favorite team for the first time. Many of them still do not speak and answer only “yes” and “no”, but they support “Loko”, adore Palych and wait for Monday – to celebrate the championship in school and kindergarten.

Nikita, Maxim, Danja, Vanya, 14, the future stars of Lokomotiv

I've never seen the championship "Loco". At last!

The guys are engaged in the academy “Loco”, served today the balls, singing along to the fan sector, although their fathers are rooting for Dynamo, CSKA and Spartak.

Nikita (first left) was responsible for all:

– We were all born in the year of the last championship of “Locomotive”, so now we feel something new – we can not even call it words. There was a goosebump, my heart beats wildly. Today we served balls, and in a few years we dream to play in this field and win the cup. Lokomotiv is the best club in Russia. Yuri Palych is the best coach.

Seva, 11 years old, celebrated the championship in the field together with the players, was photographed with Miranchuk

I've never seen the championship "Loco". At last!

– I left the field thanks to the mother of the Miranchuk brothers, because my sister meets Lesha. On Monday I’ll go to school and tell everyone that I went out on the field. “Loco” – the most excellent club, I really love it. Lesha and Anton Miranchuky are cool guys. Lesha gives me shoes, I have his uniform.

Cyril, 5 years old, Shy and did not understand my questions

I've never seen the championship "Loco". At last!– I love the players, and when they scored, I just stood there. In kindergarten, we have never talked about football, I’m not likely to tell anything to the guys.

Lesha, 17 years old

I've never seen the championship "Loco". At last!

He stood near the field, but the guard did not let him and other fans to the players. Already outside the stadium, I again met Lesha, he was happy – the guard turned away, the fan ran out onto the field. When Lesha left, the guard smiled, shook hands and congratulated him on the championship.

– In 2004, I was three years old, so the championship-2018 is the first in my life. I started rooting for Loko not because of fashion, but in 2011 when I played with “Athletic” and my favorite player Denis Glushakov scored a penalty, but let’s not talk about Glushakov. Lokomotiv is my heart. Now I’m going home, we’ll get together with the company and we’ll go somewhere to sit, let’s note the soda.

Nadia, 7 years old

I've never seen the championship "Loco". At last!

– For the first time I went to football and immediately became the champion of Russia. My father has great emotions, and I have more. When I scored, I was very happy. I have a white T-shirt, like Lokomotiv, but you can not go to school like that, we have a school uniform, but you can go to physical education in it.

I chose “Loko, because my father is sick for him, and I just like him. My club has very beautiful colors and great players.

Lada, 3 years and Yaroslav, 6,5 years old

I've never seen the championship "Loco". At last!

“I’m rooting for Loko, this is my team, I like the players, the best is number four,” Lada said.

“And I like the 23rd. When they became champions, I was kolbasilsya “, – the words of the happy Yaroslav.

Sasha, 11 years old

I've never seen the championship "Loco". At last!

– Dad and brother told about the championship of 2002 and 2004, but I almost do not remember about them. Today I was waiting for the winning goal, then I cried with happiness. When I scored Eder, I reached out to the pope and the people around me. This is the championship I’ve been waiting for all my life, because I’ve been rooting for Lokomotiv for four years already. We have a very good club: young players develop, there are a lot of locomotives around. I’ll tell everyone about this championship, especially my friend Yegor, because he’s a bit strange: he’s sick for Lokomotiv and Zenit.

Sasha’s father Sergey came to the gold match-2018 in a T-shirt with a gold match-2002. Since then, he never washed it.

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