Alexey Pichugin, an employee of the security service of Yukos, was sentenced to life for the murder of the Gorins’ spouses. They did not find their phone, but they did not really look for it. Therefore, they planted Alexei only on the basis of the motives attributed to him by the investigation. It was believed that he was profitable murder, so he is a murderer.

At the same time, everyone knew that the Gorins were in big debt, their family business was entangled in frauds. Until now, no one knows if they were killed or they themselves escaped from problems, continuing to support their son through relatives.

There are no corpses – there is no murder, if the investigation did not find its obvious traces and signs.

I wrote a lot about it, including myself.

For some reason, this is a simple rule, against which no professional will object, today it is not applied in investigations of chemical attacks, fake or real, in Syria. Not everything was so bad with the evidence in the past. The OPCO stated the storage and use of chemical weapons not only by the Assad regime, but also by Syrian opposition groups throughout the political spectrum, for example, in November 2015.

Our newspaper also wrote about this (No. 123 of November 9, 2015). March 7, 2016 “Jaysh al-Islam” (in Russia it is forbidden. Ed.) applied the OM in Aleppo, in the Sheikh Maksuda area. This is almost the only case when the Western press wrote seriously about the use of gases by the opposition.

The reason is simple: a chemical attack was directed against the Kurds, and not Assad’s troops, and the victims received a hospital under the patronage of the Red Crescent. “Jaysh al-Islam” did not deny the use of gases and promised to punish the commander, who decided to shoot Kurds with mines stuffed with poisonous substances. It is clear that no one punished him, but the fact was established.

Now all sides of the propaganda battle around the alleged chemical attack in the Duma operate with unsubstantiated statements or the next video, the reliability of which too many serious experts admit to refuse.

The United States bombarded Syrian government facilities when investigators were still gathering for the alleged crime. Given the messianic campaign of the US Army to Iraq because of the CIA’s fake report on Saddam’s chemical weapons, I do not have a penny to believe them.

Russia met the news of a chemical attack in the Duma with a series of outraged statements by the Foreign Ministry and the Defense Ministry, the main content of which was outrage. Finally, the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkov reported about the doctors found who took part in the shooting of the volunteer organization “White Helmets”. Neither the video of the interview, nor the name and address of the hospital, at least photos and surnames – is it supposed that we should trust him for a word?

After placing as evidence the frames of the computer game of the AC-130 Gunship Simulator, I have the same confidence in the domestic propagandists as much as the American propagandists.

Virtually all major US and European media have no correspondents in Syria, western stringers do not have access to combat areas, world and Russian media in Syria have never reported directly from the spot immediately after chemical attacks. All “evidence-based” statements are based on a single source in the UK. The US accuses Russia of degassing the site of the attack on the eve of the start of the OPCW mission. Russia complains that the OPCW experts do not want to talk with witnesses of a possible staged shooting of “White Helmets”.

In such circumstances, it remains only to ask the most obvious questions, which are still ignored by all parties.

  1. Proof of blame lies on the prosecutor. Access to Khan-Sheikhun, the object of the previous chemical attack, at least Syrian journalists have long been. Why has no one tried to find 89 people’s graves (according to Secretary of State Tillerson) who died in Khan Sheikhun on the same day on April 4, 2017?
  2. Why does no one need to find in a relatively small Duma (120 thousand people) all the people whom the White Helmets showed in their video recordings, or their relatives? The only boy in such an important story is not enough.
  3. The Muslim should be buried on the day of death before sunset. Cemeteries in the Duma are known to all. An exhaustive fact proving the reality of the Khimataki must be from 42 to 70 graves (according to various sources), excavated on the same day, exactly two weeks ago. Why does no one even try to find them?
  4. Survey of doctors. It is alleged that one victim died shortly after hospitalization and six died during treatment. Why do not we see the testimony of the doctors who treated these unfortunates? Where and who took them after death?
  5. Find and thoroughly interview the participants of such a large number of funeral processions in one day is not so difficult. It is also possible to secretly select overnight excretion of such graves with the selection of tissue samples. Of course, relatives need to pay for the sacrilege the amount they consider sufficient, so Allah will forgive me. Why did Russia, rejecting all accusations as a vain, did not offer the US at the highest level the joint organization of such events, using the positions of the GRU and the intelligence community of the United States?
  6. The OPCW experts are still in Damascus and have not started work, but since April 7 it’s been two weeks already. Traces of the hematoca during this time can really disappear completely or the analyzes will give results that allow for different interpretations. If the functions of the OPCW are limited solely to the sampling of soil and air, real detectives should come to the Duma who will work with evidence that does not disappear under the influence of wind and rain. The situation already allows. In Europe, there are countries that are above the conflict. Who will doubt the qualifications, independence and professional reputation of the mixed brigade of investigators, say, from Switzerland and Finland? Under pressure from Russia, Assad can give them authority for a certain period of time if he is really innocent and wants to prove this to the whole world. The chemical attack in the city of such proportions leaves so many traces that it is not a great job to record them. Why do not we even hear about the organization of an independent criminal investigation?

Perhaps, because each side is afraid – such an uncontrolled investigation will not yield the results that it hopes for?


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