Official data show in St. Petersburg detained every tenth participant of an unauthorized action “He is not our king.” Under the distribution were Navalny supporters, journalists, passers – guards on 5 may, the peace was guarded with particular zeal.

How detained at the rally in St. Petersburg

The video, which was sent to “Fontanka” the readers see how hard worked policemen at Gostiny Dvor. The flag of the king was turned into a beating after the man. Militiamen prey is not released, and the defenders fought back with batons. Several sweeping blows to the hands. Walked rubber sticks and fallen on the road for the opposition. Crackdown, to the paddy wagon pulled over his hands. Dragging across the asphalt, feet picked up, when the crowd was screaming “Kill!”.

    How detained at the rally in St. Petersburg

Occupying Nevsky, the protesters brought down the heat on the barricades: metal cut down on the road, yellow and red plastic pushed under the feet of the police. She responded in kind, but benign to not getting and took it out on the crowd: got delayed severely.

Video: the reader "Fontanka"

Detained near the Winter Palace say that they were treated without sentimentality. In the face was the man with the injured arm. According to taken to the 52nd police Department, where her hand was bandaged, and Zanevskiy took her to the hospital.

In the garden the people were seized without much analysis: in the prison vans were teenagers, a girl, in the wrong place, launching a paper, airplane, activist, asked awkward questions, and the correspondent of “Fontanka” Tatiana Chepushtanov. Her possession of the baton to show did not, but tried to come to the rescue of the protesters. Have had no success and the willingness to show. David Frankel, detained by St. Petersburg, is not helping to the journalist of “media zones”. Isaac’s Cathedral. Him on the bus literally made at least six.

Video: Mikhail Ognev /""

According to the head of the human rights organization “Agora” Pavel Chikov, Petersburg. Typical damage received by activist from Moscow, suffered by the participant in Krasnoyarsk. The correspondent of “MBH Media” after hitting a police baton was diagnosed with a rupture of the lung tissues.

Video: Konstantin Selin /""

According to the regional Department of Internal Affairs, Saturday’s action, Alexei Navalny put on the streets of St. Petersburg. Petersburg two thousand people. Two hundred of them were sorted into the departments. One of the participants to try on the charges of arrest: Sergeant lost a tooth.


How detained at the rally in St. Petersburg


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