Mayor of the city of Shihany in the Saratov region Andrey Tatarinov thanked the British media for advertising the city, who reported that the nerve agent “Novy” was produced in Shihan.

“Nobody knew about the Shihans until the British media advertised us. This opportunity should be used to attract investments to the city, “Tatarinov told RIA Novosti.

The fact that the Novice poison appeared in the “Skripal case” was fired at a military research base in the closed city of Shihany, on April 6 the British newspaper The Times.

Tatarinov also accused the lies of Vila Mirzayanov and Vladimir Uglev, who give media comments as developers of the substance.

“They are posing as experts, for the creators, but in fact they only indirectly worked with the program to create war chemical agents,” Tatarinov said.

The poisoning agent “Novice” spoke after the incident in the British Salisbury, where on March 4 in an unconscious state were found the former GRU colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. The British authorities said that they were poisoned by the “Novice” and that Russia is behind the incident. In Moscow, involvement in the incident is denied.

Head Shihan thanked the British media for advertising the city


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