Head coach of Bayern Munich Heinkes will retire after the end of the season

TASS, 2 May. Mentor of Munich "Bavaria" Jupp Heinkes said that the match against Madrid "Real Madrid" became for him the last in the Champions League. The coach’s words are quoted by the press service of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).

On Tuesday "Bavaria" on a visit played a draw with Madrid "Real" (2: 2) in the return semi-final match of the Champions League and dropped out of the tournament. The first meeting a week earlier ended with the victory of the Spanish club – 2: 1.

"Before this season, my last game in the Champions League was the 2013 final against the Dortmund "Borussia" ("Bavaria" won – 2: 1 – approx. TASS). I would never have thought that I would return. Now I can say with certainty that today’s game was the last [for me in the tournament], I will not go back to coaching. But it’s not so bad – I do not think that there are many 72-year-old people in the world who make such decisions", – he said.

"I’m disappointed with the result of the match with "Real", – the coach continued. – For nine months of hard work and training we managed to create a good team. I had strong players at my disposal, so it’s unfortunate that it all ended like this".

Heinkes had already completed his career – in 2013, when he won with "Bavaria" the German Cup, the Cup of the country and the Champions League, but returned to the team in October 2017 – the club management after the resignation of Carlo Ancelotti decided that the coach for the remainder of the season should become a specialist who knows well "Bavaria". In this season "Bavaria" has already guaranteed a championship in Germany and reached the final of the national cup. Earlier it was announced that the club will be headed by the Croatian Niko Kovacs from July.

Heinkes has been working as a coach since 1979. He is the four-time champion of Germany (1989, 1990, 2013, 2018), the winner of the Cup of the country (2013), the two-time winner of the Champions League (1998, 2013). In 2013, he was named the best coach of the world according to the version of the International Football Federation.


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