In my experience "Locomotive" is almost the only team to which the whole football community of Russia is equal. "Spartacus", they say always and everywhere, no matter who is to blame, eternal discussion "Zenith" and its budget, bench benches "CSKA Moscow" and only about the railwaymen, without unnecessary noise with feeling and alignment. Of course, for the most part, it is a merit of reputation, which the team has been creating for almost sixteen years (except for the time of government, dubious personalities).

All the same, what is the "correct" coach, who will become the soul and heart of the team, the one who will lay the foundation on which it will be built and built for many years, such as Arsene Wenger, Alex Ferguson, Oleg Romantsev and such as Yuri Pavlovich Semin. He created a team that fell in love with thousands of people, I admit this love did not bypass me and "Locomotive" one of the three teams of RPL, which I will give preference.

At that time, a lot of work was done, a new club was being created, a stadium was being built, and what kind of work was being done with the fans, about this, I even have personal experience. My friend and girlfriend, who at the same time took up football with me and became an ardent admirer of railway workers, sent letters to the girl’s dearly beloved hearts for that they always received an answer with small gifts in the form of posters with autographs, badges and postcards. Then came the calm times in this season The tram car started, but the apron remained and much was not done, but the nostalgia smelled.

So what is the meaning of this next emotional printed outburst, in the upcoming tour "Locomotive", can win the gold medal ahead of schedule, whether he deserved them, whether he has played at the championship. If we are not biased, the entire first five could be the first, but in our championship the winner is the one who survived after the winter holidays and more or less evenly passed the spring stage, the railwaymen succeeded and we can safely say they played their victory.

Oh, but how difficult, for them will be the beginning of the next season and how interesting for us.


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