Goryachev: the sludge that did not win the World Cup curling, is, but silver is a good result

Player of the Russian national team Daniil Goryachev

MOSCOW, April 29 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti, Elena Dyachkova. Russian curlingist Daniil Goryachev told RIA Novosti that they have a slight sludge with Maria Komarova because they could not win the World Cup in a double mix, but silver is a good result.

The Russian team, for which Komarova and Goryachev acted, won silver medals at the World Cup. In the final of the tournament in Swedish Ostersund, the Russians lost to the Swiss national team with a score of 6: 9. For Komarova and Goryachev, this World Cup became a debut.

"The World Cup is a holiday. Therefore, first of all, we were very glad that we have the opportunity to speak here. We tried to play calmly and support each other, because we realized that this is the only way we can show our best curling. A little nervous at first, but after playing with the Estonian team calmed down and began to play at full strength. In the finals we were very concentrated", – said Goryachev by phone.

"Just the opponent showed a very good level of the game and almost did not make mistakes in key moments. When they went to the World Cup, they did not make any plans for medals, but now, of course, there is a small deposit that they could not win the final, although we are generally happy with the result. Many thanks to the coaches and our whole team. Without them, these medals would never have happened!" – stressed the athlete.


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