Employees of the FSB during a special operation in the city of Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Territory, killed two extremist cell leaders who were preparing the terrorist attacks. This was reported to Interfax in the FSB Public Relations Center.

The criminals resisted the detention, so they were killed. When inspecting the scene of the incident, a laboratory was found to produce explosives, an explosive device, firearms, ammunition and grenades.

On this fact, a criminal case was filed, according to which articles are not specified. The Office continues to conduct the necessary operational-search measures and investigative actions.

In April, the FSB stated that the service officers killed a supporter of the terrorist organization Islamic State, banned in Russia, who planned to attack the government of the Stavropol Territory and the FSB of Russia in the Stavropol Territory. He was found with weapons and ammunition, a packet with damaging elements, as well as an IG flag and a handwritten text with the oath of the leader of the terrorist organization.

In early May, an unknown person with a knife attacked police officers in Neftekumsk, the Stavropol Territory. When he was detained, he was wounded, and he died in hospital of the injuries. Later IG claimed responsibility for the attack.


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