A group of ships of the US Navy, which included the aircraft carrier “Harry Truman,” began striking at positions of militants in Syria. Participation in the Syrian campaign squadron, despite the initial plans to go to the Persian Gulf

From the US aircraft carrier, Harry Truman, struck at terrorists in SyriaUS Aircraft Carrier “Harry Truman”

The aircraft carrier “Harry S. Truman” (Harry S. Truman) reached the coast of Syria, the US Navy said. The air group of the ship has already started air strikes against militant positions.

In a message in Twitter, the European Command of the US Navy said that attacks on the territory of Syria aircraft from the aircraft carrier began to be applied on May 3. The message published photos from the aircraft carrier.

The attacks are carried out within the framework of Operation Unshakable Determination aimed at “inflicting a military defeat on the” Islamic State “(an organization recognized as terrorist in Russia – RBC) in certain areas of Iraq and Syria,” the report said.

The aircraft carrier, as the flagship of a strike group of several missile destroyers, was sent on a campaign to the bases of Norfolk in the US on April 11. The group’s exit to the sea occurred against the backdrop of Donald Trump’s promises to strike a missile attack on Syria. However, the attack on targets in Syria was carried out by the forces of the United States, France and Britain on April 14, without the participation of aviation with Harry S. Truman.

From the US aircraft carrier, Harry Truman, struck at terrorists in SyriaPhoto Gallery

The aircraft carrier entered the Mediterranean Sea on April 21. Later, sources in the Pentagon reported that the command was considering the possibility of leaving it in this region, although the original declared goal of the expedition was the Persian Gulf.

From the US aircraft carrier, Harry Truman, struck at terrorists in Syria

Alexey Navalny (Photo: Emin Jafarov / Kommersant)


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