Iran should provide long-term guarantees for the implementation of the “nuclear deal”, the French Foreign Ministry said. This is reported by Reuters.

The French foreign ministry noted that the emergence of “new Israeli information” about Iran’s concealment of documents on its developments in the field of atom “can confirm the need for long-term guarantees of the Iranian nuclear program.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on April 30 said that Israeli intelligence had extracted the so-called Iran’s “nuclear archive” – ‚Äč‚ÄčTehran’s documents on nuclear development until 2015, which were moved to the secret Shorabad complex in Tehran and hidden from the IAEA inspectors. On their basis, Iran, according to Netanyahu, continues its research that it violates the “nuclear deal”.

The Prime Minister of Israel showed the press a cabinet with copies of documents that were extracted by special services – 55 thousand pages of secret documents and 183 CDs with classified information. All of them, according to Netanyahu, will be transferred to the IAEA and the UN. Tehran denies the accusations of Tel Aviv. Israel said it would send documents and experts to France and Germany, which are guarantors of the “nuclear deal”. The United States and Great Britain, which also signed a “nuclear deal”, expressed support for the accusations of Israel. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recognized the authenticity of the documents provided by Tel Aviv.

The “nuclear deal” was signed in 2015 by Iran on the one hand and the countries of the Six (the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany and China). Under its terms, Tehran discontinued its nuclear program and granted IAEA experts access to the relevant facilities, in exchange for which economic sanctions were phased out. With the arrival of President Donald Trump’s administration in the White House, the US has repeatedly stated its intention to withdraw their agreements. France, at the same time, came up with the initiative of modifying them. Russia insists that there is no alternative to a nuclear deal.

France stated the need for Iran to guarantee the nuclear deal

The airfield “Belbek”, 2016.

France stated the need for Iran to guarantee the nuclear dealPhoto: Ukrainian Ministry of Temporary Occupied Territories


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