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For sanctions it will be expensive to pay: the "gas" response of Russia scared the USThe latest news today.

The measures taken by the Russian leadership in connection with the aggressive US policy forced the American experts to sound the alarm – soon the Russian Federation could push America in the LNG markets.

Numerous sanctioning restrictions of the US leadership in the gas sphere towards Russia suggest that the United States is trying to ensure world domination in the LNG markets. Moscow’s response in this industry caused serious fears and fears among American experts.

In particular, experts from the Center for Global Energy Policy at Columbia University saw the threat to their state’s LNG plans from Russian competitors. Their findings are reflected in a recent report.

The document notes with particular concern that the rapidly developing Arctic LNG projects already in the middle of the current decade will allow Russia to enter into fierce competition with the US and take the leading place in the ranking of world suppliers. American analysts are predicting Russia’s fourth position in the “global standings.”

In addition, the American Institute drew attention to the new eastern strategy of Moscow, which in the near future will allow Russia to enter the highly promising Chinese gas market. In particular, the “Siberia Power” pipeline, which in the long term will become one of the central elements of the new gas strategy of the Russian Federation, causes alarm among the Americans. According to the conclusion of workers at Columbia University, this circumstance poses a huge threat to the US gas industry.

author: Elena BYSTROVA


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