Informant of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Grigory Rodchenkov refused to testify about the doping of Russians, about which he used to know everything. How do you sleep after everything, Grigory?

“Fontanka” paid the debts of Pavel Durov. Yes, we are. Scraped 4 rubles 23 kopecks and saved the guy from arresting his Russian accounts. Pavel, do you have Russian accounts?

Scary movie from the city of Pushkin. Five people took the sixth hostage. But he managed to throw a note in the window asking for help. They found the note, read it, carried it to the police. And the police also read it. And they saved the hostage. Do you look carefully at your feet?

The head of Chechnya gave a program interview to the Rossiya-24 channel. Ramzan Akhmatovich, we no longer have any questions.

In the Alexandrovsky hospital, the case of “dead souls” was discovered, which they allegedly treated. A great story about the modern system of medical care.

In St. Petersburg, the girl went to the mall and got a bullet in her head. Well still, from a trauma. This story does not teach anything and does not testify to anything. Just out of luck.

Do you know what anti-crisis managers are doing? Something very anti-crisis. One in 30 years already thought that he had grown to a fee of 55 million rubles. Has corrected so-so – it is detained.

You probably think that the territorial election commissions are boring and the dust on the cabinets lies. And there, meanwhile, a million-dollar story flourished – either the euro, or dollars (we ourselves became entangled), but the money was definitely taken, promising to hand over to the chairman of the Supreme Court.

The story of the next failure of import substitution. Gazprom wants the import turbines.

Lecturers move from university audiences to cafes and bars. Whether in universities it became very bad with freedom of speech, or people decided not to drink.


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