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The Federal state unitary enterprise “state corporation for air traffic management” (ATM CC), despite the growth of air travel in Russia and volumes of air navigation services (ANO), for the first time in 2014, reduced revenue and profit. The cause of the fall of indicators in the Federal state unitary enterprise is the strengthening of the ruble against the dollar and the stagnation of rates. Most of the profits the company should direct investment, including the construction of the third band in the Sheremetyevo, but to carry out the investment program of the Federal state unitary enterprise for several years.

GK ATM in the past year for the first time in 2014 reduced financial performance, according to Federal Property Agency, Federal state unitary enterprise revenue decreased by 0.6% to 93.1 billion rubles., Net profit – from 10.9% , to 14.6 billion rubles, the report explains that, despite the growth of ANO on the slopes (9.6%) and in the terminal area (13.1%), the incomes are lowered to the “lower average exchange rate of the dollar.” The GK ATM is 4.8% with 4.8% with the costs for meteorological support. (also see “Kommersant” on April 24).

The report says that in 2017 continued to “compensatory growth” volumes ANO after a sharp recession in 2015, and in January-September 2016 because of the ban flights over the Black Sea in the area “Crimeanalyst”. In 2017, the growth of services was provided by GK ATM. So, ANO on international flights of airlines of Russia increased by 24.8%, only 0.4% higher than in 2014, on domestic flights – 6.9% by 2016 and by 13.6% in 2014. In 2017, Russian airlines increased transportation by 18.6%, up to 105 million passengers, and on international lines – by 32.1%, to 42.4 million.

Flying at a low dollarThe “in-flight” actions and air navigation payments

Foreign airlines have exceeded the volume of 17.5%, which is still below 2014 of 8.2%. The growth is explained by a significant increase in flights with landings on the first flights. In 2017 ANO transit decreased by 1.8%. Income from ANO foreign airlines in the terminal area increased by 3.1%, to 3.1 billion rubles., And on the road fell by 4.2% to 69 billion rubles, Kommersant’s Source says that it is more profitable to carry passengers through the Russian partners in the framework of connecting flights with Alliance partners. Revenues Federal state unitary enterprise from the Russian users increased 16.2% on the road, to 12.8 billion rubles., In the area of ​​aerodromes – by 10.8% to RUB 6.8 billion For the year, sharply increased the number of flights on cross-polar ( 12.4%), Transpolar (15.1%) and transvestism (20.4%) routes, but there is a sharp drop on the TRANS-Siberian routes (28%). Kommersant’s source said that transvestite and cross-polar route to fly around expensive, in no way.

From the profits of the FSUE, it was transferred to the budget of 355 million rubles (50% from all services except the ANO), and 14.2 billion rubles for modernization. CAPEX GK ATM in 2018 taking into account retained earnings in the Sheremetyevo. But in 2017, the Federal state unitary enterprise was fulfilled CAPEX by 41% – 11.5 billion from 28 billion rubles For the company is usually: in 2014, CAPEX concluded to 77.4% of the investment program in 2015 to 46.5% in 2016 and 53.4%.

Flying at a low dollarGK ATM can become joint-stock or state-owned

The main result of the investment program is the GK ATM specifies the commissioning of the new MCC Moscow air hub, a major cause of incomplete implementation are “lack of a mechanism for the rapid resolution of the disputed issues.” Chief Financial Officer of the Institute for Transport Economics and Transport Policy HSE Fyodor Borisov said partially to solve the problem with the implementation of the investment program.

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