Ex-player “Locomotive” is registered in Scotland.

Ex-doctor of "Locomotive": "According to O'Connor it was clear that he was drinking"

FC Lokomotiv

The former doctor of the Moscow “Locomotive” said that Harry O’Connor, who accused his former club in illegal blood transfusions, has problems with alcohol and drugs. He noted that the Scotsman now is registered at home.

“Do you remember Paul Gascoigne, who had big problems with alcohol? O’Connor is not worth his finger, but he ran into the same thing. In addition, there is official information that he used drugs and was registered in Scotland. I do not follow his condition – I’m not a psychiatrist – but I understand where all these statements come from. He now has almost nothing, and on communication with journalists you can earn a little. Although I, of course, can only guess about this.

It never happened that he came to drunk drills. But for some indicators it was clear that he uses alcohol. I did not catch him by the hand. I remember that after winning the Cup he decently drank whiskey, “- quotes Alexander Eduardovich Sport24.

Author: Andrey Volkov


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