Euroleague responded to the complaint of "Khimki"

At the end of the fourth match of the 1/4 final series of the Euroleague against CSKA, the leadership of “Khimki” sent a complaint to the Euroleague office, in which our club asked to clarify the last episode of the game.

Recall, the referee meeting did not include two points of Charles Jenkins, interrupting the attack of our team in the final phase.

The letter received from the Euroleague contains the following:

“After analyzing all the reports, we confirm that Tyler Hanikatt asked for a replacement in 20.7 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter. Since the request was not canceled, the sound signal sounded correctly at the first possible replacement in 5.1 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter. The judges did not immediately hear the sound signal in noisy conditions, so the head judge started the time, unaware of the request for replacement. Once the timekeeper was able to draw the judges’ attention to the request for a replacement, the judges correctly stopped the time and then used the IRS system to set the correct time on the clock. The home team refused to perform the substitution after it was offered to do so. To avoid further delays, the judges decided to resume the game without making a replacement. “


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