EU again presses on Hungary

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A couple of weeks after the appointment of Victor Orban for the fourth term as the Hungarian Prime Minister, the European Union again accuses her of violating the rule of law.

Human rights activists came to the European Parliament in Brussels. The regional director of Amnesty International noted the deterioration of the situation in Hungary:

“More and more, those who support the opposition or reject the views of the government are increasingly being subjected to criminal investigations,” said Yverna Iverna McGowan. “We must not lose sight of this prospect.” Therefore, today we express our solidarity with our colleagues in civil society. “

The Parliamentary Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs has prepared a draft resolution calling for the commencement of the process of punishing Hungary for violating common norms and values.

“Newspapers are closing down, civil organizations are difficult to function, because the government wants to check where they get the money from,” the author of the resolution said the Dutch European MP Judith Sargentini. “Judges are retired ahead of schedule, the university is being closed – if all this is folded up, then there are huge changes in the atmosphere of the country where people are now less free to say what they think.”

Voting on the resolution will be held in June. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary expects that then Poland will not be able to deprive her of the right to vote in the Council of the EU:

“The Committee of the European Parliament is politically engaged. Without any arguments against us, he wants to arrange a demonstration process over Hungary, so that others will not be able to conduct an independent course, “said Peter Siyarto. “Mrs. Sargentini’s report is full of lies.”

Earlier, he said that the organizations, supported by George Soros, failed to overthrow the Hungarian government.

After the election, thousands of people expressed dissatisfaction with the victory of the Orban Party on the streets of Budapest.


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