Efimova: I decided, I will die or not die, but I will work at two distances

Julia Efimova

MOSCOW, April 24 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti, Veronika Gibadieva. Three-time Olympic medalist in swimming Yulia Yefimova admitted that she decided to work on the full penultimate day of the competition at the Russian Championship, although it was not easy to swim the distance of 200 meters with a breaststroke and 200 meters with a small break.

Efimova became the second in the 200 m breaststroke at the Russian Championship in Moscow, and then started in the semi-final on the 200-meter complex where she showed the third result.

"I really wanted to withdraw from the 200 m distance complex, because it’s difficult to swim after 200 m breaststroke, and even with such a short break. I decided, I will die or not die, but I will work. I lost before Nastya Chaun before 2012, but then I took my own at international competitions. It’s just that the Russian Championship is just such a start, when you can get more distances and start squashing"”Efimova told reporters.

"Participation in the European Championships, I guaranteed myself, and, maybe, when I swam a 200 m breaststroke, kept in mind the start on a 200 m complex", – she added.

Also, Efimova told why she puts on a cap under a pink hat with a pineapple cap. "A pink cap is crown, and I like pineapples, not even how much to eat, how much they look like, I can not explain it to myself", – the sportswoman admitted.


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