In Russia rally “He is not our king”

Alexei Navalny “He’s not our king.” According to “OVD-info” in 26 cities 1575 detained protesters and bystanders, most of all in Moscow – 703 people, Petersburg – 209, and in Chelyabinsk – 185.

According to the interior Ministry in Moscow, in the action participated 1.5 thousand people, and in St. Petersburg. Petersburg – 2 thousand. According to estimates of supporters of Navalny, rally participants were much more.

In Ekaterinburg the action was not consistent, but according to the mayor of Eugene Roizman, the procession was involved about 5 thousand people. Police detained only one man, he was drunk.

The action of supporters of Navalny came GCD activists, people dressed in the uniform of the Cossacks and aggressive young men. They provoked the protesters, fought and beaten them with whips.

During the detention the police used non-lethal weapons. So, one of the activists smoked his head with a baton, and the correspondent of the “Open Russia” was diagnosed with a rupture of the lung tissue. In addition, one of the detainees was taken to the hospital.


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