Relatives of Senator John McCain, who had been diagnosed with brain cancer, decided not to call for his funeral, U.S. President Donald trump. It is reported by The New York Times.

According to the publication, a close McCain was sent to the White House, that they do not intend to see trump at his funeral. They agree on the presence at the ceremony, Vice-President Make Pence.

Farewell ceremony with the Senator presumably will be held in the Washington Cathedral. Barack Obama and George W. Bush, notes The Hill.

At the moment, 81-year-old McCain is undergoing intensive therapy of brain cancer, which was discovered in July last year during surgery to remove a hematoma from under the eyes.

McCain has regularly criticized the policy of trump, in particular, its “soft stance” towards Russia. In late March, he criticized trump for calling Russian President Vladimir Putin with congratulations on his election victory. McCain called it “an insult” to the people of Russia. “The American President can not lead the free world, congratulating dictators with a victory in staging the elections,” said McCain. According to The Hill, in his forthcoming memoirs the McCain “Express sharp criticism,” Trump for his attacks on the press and approaches to the issue of migrants.


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