President Vladimir Putin signed a decree appointing Dmitry Kakoshin as deputy head of the Interior Ministry’s Investigative Department. He returned under the wing of his old chef Romanov.

As it became known to Fontanka, Colonel of Justice Kakoshin is transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs by a decree signed on May 3. Currently, he holds the position of deputy head of the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and the region.

The head of the SD since December 2016 is Lieutenant-General Alexander Romanov. With Kakoshin they started together in St. Petersburg, continued their joint careers in Moscow and again returned to their hometown together.

In 2017, Kakoshina was appointed to be appointed chief investigator of the St. Petersburg State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but earlier this year Oleg Antropov, considered to be the protege of Sergei Umnov, took the post.

In early April 2018 colleagues from 47News predicted the return of Kakoshin under the wing of Romanov. Their reunion was authorized by Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, sending relevant documents to the presidential administration. The Kremlin took a month to meditate and, judging by the decree of the president today, agreed.



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