Day of Europe in Tatabánya

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Europe Day celebrates in May Day a small Hungarian city of Tatabanya in the north-west of the country. In 2004, exactly 14 years ago, Hungary joined the European Union. This was the fifth expansion: in the EU together with Hungary included 9 more countries – including Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland and the three Baltic republics.

"We have been living in the EU for a long time already, “says this resident of Tatabanya,” and I have not seen anything wrong with this. EU actions for our benefit, not to harm".

Every year on the Day of Europe, folk festivities are organized in the city park of Tatabanya, on the shore of one of the lakes with which this region is famous. And, of course, the participants talk a lot about the role of the European Union in their life and Hungary’s role in the EU:

"One of the advantages of membership is that the EU helps Hungary financially. I am confident that with the help of the EU, our country is developing much faster than before".

"The EU is like a marriage, only there are a lot of married couples. Therefore, we need to maintain a balance every day between the member states at the highest level. And if someone takes the wrong steps, he must bear responsibility for them, and sometimes the punishment".

"Hungary can always be in a situation where it will need EU assistance. Therefore, we must accept the rules of the European Union, even if in some cases we think otherwise. For example, I personally do not agree with the quotas for the reception of migrants. But if we take money from the EU, then we must comply with the decisions taken by Brussels.

"I believe in the European Union, it really is the unity of varieties".


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