On Sunday, in Odnoklassniki there will be an epic broadcast: the social network will show “El Clasico” in the 4K format with the comments of Vasily Utkin. The main figures in the career of the two main characters of the confrontation – in the analysis of the blog “Victory in the classroom.”

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi for more than ten years share the title of the best football player in the world. It is impossible to answer unequivocally the question of who is steeper, but there are bare facts. Today’s “classics” is the best way to compare them again.

Statistics heads – on the side of Ronaldo. If you look at the statistics of hat tricks, then the Portuguese suffered more clubs (unbelievable 28!), And his hat tricks could be seen in five different tournaments against four in Messi.

Cristiano or Messi? The eternal opposition "Clasico" - in infographics

Cristiano or Messi? The eternal opposition "Clasico" - in infographics

With the team at Cristiano also turns out better. More goals and there is a big trophy – the recent “golden” Euro-2016. On the other hand, Messi confirms the status of not only a great player and scorer, but also one of the main raspasovschikov the planet, and more matches Ronaldo will be more.

Cristiano or Messi? The eternal opposition "Clasico" - in infographics

There are geniuses and similarities. It turned out that their favorite team is “Sevilla”. Ronaldo scored her 27 goals, and Messi – 30. No “Getafe” and “Osasuna” did not even stand nearby. By the way, in the top ten teams that missed from Ronaldo and Messi more than all, generally quite a few weak clubs, which completely refutes the favorite theses of commentators Sports.en. Cristiano has Getafe, Celta and Levante, Messi has Osasuna, Getafe and Deportivo.

Cristiano or Messi? The eternal opposition "Clasico" - in infographics

The exact answer, who is steeper, can not be found in figures or facts, but it can be learned today – during “Clasico”, at 21:45 Moscow time. Watch the live broadcast in Odnoklassniki in super 4K resolution by this link.


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