Commanders of US special forces left their soldiers to be torn to the terrorists

American Edition of ABC News reported that commanders of US special forces threw their subordinates on the battlefield, during a military operation in the African country of Niger.

Let me remind you that back in October 2017, the first information appeared about the deaths of four US special forces during a shootout with militants "IGIL". The surviving commanders of the detachment told the family and loved ones that they had fallen under the mortar fire of the enemy and had to withdraw, but because of the dust that had risen they could not navigate in time and load all the soldiers into the car.

However, later it turned out that this was all untrue. Soon, a video appeared on the network, which clearly shows all the actions of American commandos, the cameras are attached to the helmets of every soldier, the video was posted by the militants.

After viewing the horrible frames of the parents of the victims were in shock. The commanders were in the car, and the soldiers were hiding during the firing from the terrorists for it, and it is unclear why the decision was not made to load the soldiers into the pick-up and immediately leave the war zone.

You can clearly see how the American soldiers perished and how the pickup truck left with their commanders. One can also see how the terrorists who came up were finishing off still living soldiers.

The most terrible thing about all this is the lie of commanders of special forces. According to them, they returned a little later for the bodies of their subordinates, but it turned out to be lies. The bodies of the dead were found by the military of the Nigerian army and later transferred to the Pentagon.

These are the commanders in the most powerful army in the world. In the whole world, in any army there is a simple concept of honor and courage and if the ship is drowning, then the captain must leave it, this applies to any military actions. Each commander should head to be responsible for his soldier, but apparently, in the American army everything is just as exclusive as in politics.


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