“Russia is certainly one of the favorites of the tournament – whoever says that, in its assets, a victory at the Olympics, and it costs a lot. We are waiting for the most difficult game, but we will try to get points. If we do not succeed, then what can we do? In any case, it is important for us to learn as much as possible lessons and experience from this match – after all, we will play against the strongest hockey players of the world “, – quotes Tass Bader.

Recall, the Russian team in the first match of the World Cup defeated the French with a score of 7: 0. A match with the Austrians will take place today, May 6.

“I am familiar with Vladimir Yurzinov, with whom we worked together in Switzerland for four years. So I know Russian hockey well. Distinguished in your team, Pavel Datsyuk, Eugene Dadonov, is also good young guy under the seventh number (Cyril Caprizov – prim.red). I also know Artyom Anisimov, who came to a training camp in Switzerland, “Bader said.


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