Cherkas: Denisenko deliberately inflicts injuries to his rivals, so he was not at the UChM

Forward SKA SK Evgeny Ketov (right) and forward HC Lokomotiv Grigory Denisenko

S.-PETERSBURG, April 28 – RIA Novosti, Sergey Yaremenko. Head of the delegation of the junior Russian national ice hockey team at the World Championships for players under 18 years old Sergei Cherkas said that the failure of the striker Yaroslavl "Locomotive" Grigory Denisenko for the tournament is due to the fact that he deliberately injures opponents.

The junior team of Russia finished the performance at the home World Cup on Thursday. The team of Alexander Zybin lost in 1/4 finals by Americans with the score 1: 5. In the tournament, for various reasons, three leaders of the national team – forward Grigory Denisenko, Andrei Svechnikov and Alexander Khovanov did not take part.

"First Denisenko came with an injury, then she healed and was ready to play. But the coaching staff decided not to call him. We analyzed the tournaments on which he played: he regularly receives 5 + 20 and misses the matches. Denisenko deliberately goes to cause injury. The World Cup is short. Imagine that in a match with the French he would have injured an opponent. I would have missed three more games, there would be a scandal. They did not believe that he would correct his discipline", – Cherkas told reporters.

The head of the delegation of the junior team admitted that he does not understand why the head coach Alexander Zybin did not tell about the true reason of the non-appearance of Denisenko. "I asked Zybin: "Why do not you speak as you are? You’re open". Why this "injury"? She was, but she passed. Denisenko was not called not because of injury, but because they were afraid of violation of discipline. He regularly takes up people with his knee. That’s all. It was necessary to say this", – he declared.

According to Sergei Cherkas, the absence of Svechnikov and Khovanov is associated exclusively with injuries of hockey players. "As for Svechnikov, we had long talks with the club, “he said. – They referred to his injury, and Andrew did not come. Khovanov said that he had to do the operation, so he did not come. Of course, if there were Svechnikov, he would have helped. This is the first draft number, no matter how it helped?".


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