Football. Championship of England (APL). Forecast and bet on the match “Chelsea” – “Liverpool”.

Chelsea - Liverpool forecast for the match on May 6, 2018

In addition to the FA Cup, the London team still retains the hope of also getting into the top four of the Premier League. At the moment, Chelsea are five points behind Tottenham, having a match in reserve. Until recently, the chances of Chelsea were viewed as scanty, but after the failure of the Spurs at Hawthorns, the public’s opinion changed. Antonio Conte’s squad will definitely fight to the end, showing moral and volitional qualities, which has already been confirmed in the same battle with Southampton.

As for Liverpool, the Reds have not yet secured a place in the top four, six points ahead of Chelsea and five – wards Pochettino. In the last rounds of the Premier League, the Klopp team stalled by donating points to outsiders (worlds with the BWA and Stoke City).

Chelsea had more time to prepare and they did not have such a grueling match in the middle of the week. The voyage to Rome took away from Liverpool a lot of strength, both physical and moral. Whether they can switch to internal disassembly and reduce the euphoria is a rhetorical question. Moreover, Chelsea’s glasses, whatever one may say, are more necessary.

Forecast: Chelsea’s victory with a handicap (0) (1.63)

Watch online “Chelsea” – “Liverpool” on the air you can on the channel “Match! Football 1 “at 18:30 (MSK) or follow the direct online broadcast on

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