Champ de Mars was closed before the action Bulk

In the pictures the ad that appeared at the field of Mars. Photo:"Moika78"

The Deputy of the Assembly of Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky said that an hour before the start of the uncoordinated action of the Bulk, the field of Mars.

In social networks, the MP said that covered the field of Mars and Millionnaya street, and around the field of Mars. About the field of Mars hangs an announcement that on may 5, the entrance of the Park Champs de Mars is temporarily restricted to the fact that the landscape gardening enterprise "Central" carrying out of a complex of works. Entry restrictions will continue until completion of the works.

Earlier, the Palace square, where they planned to conduct uncoordinated action Navalny, took the bikers, and then the column of soldiers, who parade rehearse before may 9th. At the same time, unlike stocks "bulk" these shares agreed with the administration.

Champ de Mars was closed before the action Bulk


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