MOSCOW, May 4. / TASS /. The boxing progress center and the Boxing Hall of Fame will be opened in Moscow on July 22, 2019. The Secretary General of the Boxing Federation of Russia, Umar Kremlev, told Tass.

In February, at the international boxing forum in Sochi, the project of the Boxing Progress Center was presented. This complex will include the museum of boxing glory.

"This year, we will open on Boxing Day, July 22, 300 rooms throughout Russia. And next year, also on Boxing Day, we plan to open a center. We will open a full-fledged international center with coaching and judicial training. Also, athletes will have the opportunity to undergo a full medical examination in the center", – said the Kremlin.

The first international boxing forum was held from 1 to 3 February in Sochi on the initiative of the Russian Boxing Federation in conjunction with the international federations of the Olympic and professional boxing.


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