Bragin will continue to work with the youth team of Russia. The contract will be for 4 years

Valery Bragin will retain the post of the chief coach of the national team of Russia.

“Bragin will continue to work with the youth team of Russia in the new Olympic cycle.

Plan to sign four-year contract may, according to the scheme “two plus two”, – have informed in a press-service FHR.

Bragin contract expired April 30. Specialist leads the team in 2014, worked worked out as chief of the national youth team of Russia in 2010-2012.

Bragin led the national team of Russia to gold (2011), silver (2012, 2015, 2016) and bronze (2017) world Championships medals.

I do not care who will be the head coach of the youth team. It’s time to change the system

“If not for our absurd matches”: the reaction of “Spartacus” to the championship “Locomotive”

"If not for our absurd matches": the reaction of "Spartacus" to the championship "Locomotive"Defender FC Rostov Jean Maier (left) and FC Spartak midfielder Roman Zobnin

Moscow "Spartacus" resigned from the champion of Russia in football, gold for the tour to the end was secured by the capital "Locomotive". On Saturday "Spartacus" during the celebration of the long-awaited championship of railroads beat "Rostov" with a score of 2: 0 and is still located on the second line. Practically all conversations "red-white" After the victory over the southerners were reduced to the theme of triumph "Loco". More – in the material of the correspondent of RIA Novosti Vasily Konov, Jr..

Main coach "Spartacus" Massimo Carrera about his attitude towards Yuri Semin:

"Mathematics punished us, we have chances to be second. I think getting into the group stage of the Champions League is very important. Congratulations "Locomotive", his coach, which I like very much as a person. He did his job well, as we did last year. The team that wins more, naturally becomes a champion.

"If not for our absurd matches": the reaction of "Spartacus" to the championship "Locomotive"

© RIA Novosti. Alexey Filippov Go to photobank

We had an unsuccessful start to the season, but then we recovered. Yes, we could have more points and play the championship until the last round. In the second round "Locomotive" slightly slowed down, but we did not use it. But I do not belittle the merits "Locomotive", who held a good championship".

Goalkeeper "red-white" Alexander Selikhov about where the team lost points:

"That "Locomotive" became a champion, found out only during the break. You can congratulate "Locomotive". In the first round I also made a gift to them. If it were not for our absurd matches, then we would have competed to the last. You can remember the matches with "Ural" (1: 2), "Tosno" (2: 2), "Locomotive" (3: 4), when led in two balls. Winners are not judged".

Forward "red-white" Quincy Promes on his captaincy:

"The whole team was fine today, we should be happy with the victory. Unfortunately, "Locomotive" became a champion. Congratulations to them. And we need to continue to fight for the Champions League.

"If not for our absurd matches": the reaction of "Spartacus" to the championship "Locomotive"© RIA Novosti. Grigory Sysoev

Who chose me as captain? Uh, I really do not know. I always try to lead a team with me, regardless of whether I have a bandage or not. We won two matches with my captaincy – a good tradition. Our real captain is Denis Glushakov. We respect him, he led us to the championship. We must not forget what he did for the team. Of course, I miss him on the field. He has qualities that help the team. I hope that soon he will return to the".

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich after the match "Locomotive" and "Zenith" managed to come and meet "red-white".

"True, I hoped that "Spartacus" The Cup of Russia will take, but it was not possible, unfortunately. Today "Spartacus" it was hard, but the leaders in the end played a role. The team must be cohesive. Denis Glushakov came after the match in the locker room, the atmosphere is normal. The team is set up to win in the last match. I hope that three Moscow teams will occupy the first three places (in the Premier League). I hope (for three teams from Moscow in the Champions League), I’m from Moscow".

"If not for our absurd matches": the reaction of "Spartacus" to the championship "Locomotive"© RIA Novosti. Alexey Filippov Go to photobank

Olympic champion in tennis and fan "Spartacus" Eugene Kafelnikov on his attitude to victory "Locomotive":

"Positive emotions from victory. Looked like "Spartacus" played the last match with "Amkar", it was evident that the guys had a fuse. For today’s game, initially it did not work, but the desire was. And this is the most important thing. When you see how the players are laid out, there can be no claims. In the last game you have to win "Dynamo", to guarantee the second place. Upset (because of the championship "Locomotive")".

Main coach "Of Rostov" Valery Karpin, who for a long time headed "Spartacus", held his first match in the arena "red-white". At the post-match press conference, the specialist was traditionally laconic:

"Emotions from the first match at the stadium "Spartacus"? Negative. To the self-giving of claims can not be. The players did what they could for today. "Spartacus" allowed the ball to own, but to strengthen there were no maneuvers".

Russian hockey player “Dallas” Radulov misses the world Cup due to injury

Russian hockey player "Dallas" Radulov misses the world Cup due to injury

COPENHAGEN, may 5. / TASS /. Striker Club of the National Hockey League (NHL) "Dallas" Alexander Radulov in the Russian team. About it told journalists the first Vice-President of the Russian Federation (FHR) Roman Rotenberg.

"We received an opinion from "Dallas" that Radulov"said Rotenberg.

At the end of the regular NHL "Dallas" took 10th place in the Western Conference and failed to qualify for the play-off tournament. Earlier it was reported that the striker was not going to take part in the world Cup, but APR 14, FHR announced the call to the 31-year-old player in training camp before the tournament. It was planned that Radulov 23 APR coming for medical examination.

The ice hockey world championship held in Copenhagen, Denmark and Herning.

Coach of the Austrian national team: The victory of the Russian team at the Olympics, and it’s worth a lot

“Russia is certainly one of the favorites of the tournament – whoever says that, in its assets, a victory at the Olympics, and it costs a lot. We are waiting for the most difficult game, but we will try to get points. If we do not succeed, then what can we do? In any case, it is important for us to learn as much as possible lessons and experience from this match – after all, we will play against the strongest hockey players of the world “, – quotes Tass Bader.

Recall, the Russian team in the first match of the World Cup defeated the French with a score of 7: 0. A match with the Austrians will take place today, May 6.

“I am familiar with Vladimir Yurzinov, with whom we worked together in Switzerland for four years. So I know Russian hockey well. Distinguished in your team, Pavel Datsyuk, Eugene Dadonov, is also good young guy under the seventh number (Cyril Caprizov – I also know Artyom Anisimov, who came to a training camp in Switzerland, “Bader said.

To get away from Tutberidze or to leave sports – Evgeny Medvedev decides

To get away from Tutberidze or to leave sports - Evgeny Medvedev decidesEvgeny Medvedev

Evgenia Medvedeva from Eteri Tutberidze. The news in itself is not news, but this information is the best fertilizer for the birth of a new rumor.

Medvedev, by the way, not the first. Went from Eatery Bonner often and loudly, here’s how she remembered it:

"Polina Shelepen. Ran away from Novogorsk, and then I never saw her again. She did not say goodbye. Alexandra Deeva. In the first season after she left, I saw her at the event. Also passed me and said Hello. Adian pytkeev, the only athlete of those who went and came with me to say goodbye. Gave a bouquet of flowers. And started to cry. I saw his tears, and cried. But asked him – why are you crying? And he said, "I feel sorry for you, you so many years I spent". I told him no, Agian, sorry for me just do not need. Seraphim Shanovich. Her family, unfortunately, are unable to live in two cities – the mother in Moscow, the Pope in St. Petersburg. Petersburg. In addition, different circumstances: SIM mom very badly and took a flat in Moscow several times robbed. Now, when we meet at competitions, she always greets. Yulia Lipnitskaya. I’m from Julia, in any case, but it was clear. When I was pushed from the competition through the Federation. Of course, I was hurt. Sergei Voronov. At the rink I did not see him, the documents were taken by his mother. And again, just came out of the interview, from which I learned that he went to Inna Goncharenko. Now greeting, but the first year out, the competition did not greet. Why? It’s ugly".

To get away from Tutberidze or to leave sports - Evgeny Medvedev decides© RIA Novosti. Alexander Vilf

And now Medvedev. I recall the chronology. The first talk of the discord in the Duo Medvedev / Tutberidze on the sidelines rinks appeared in the autumn of last year, but strictly on the level of gossip in the corridors, without going to the media and blogs. Before the Olympics the talk has been increased and reached the discussion to go. Then there was the talk of the new coach, Brian Orser, allegedly, ready for the two main stars of the world men’s figure skating (Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez) add a star and in the female, especially the Han / Medvedev with a strong potential commercial brand, that work in the same group. Immediately after the Games, talk about the fact that Medvedev’s leaving Tutberidze, came out in the media and was followed by a sharp rebuttal from Medvedeva (only from her):

To get away from Tutberidze or to leave sports - Evgeny Medvedev decides© 2018 AFP / LIONEL BONAVENTURE

"Dear journalists, calm down! The news is that today I’ve been on the Internet, brought me to a screeching halt. Do not invent what is not. Get busy! Leave me and my coach. We continue to work"- said Medvedev. Those who have to figure skating attitude, even tangentially, not to mention those who are involved in the process. And now, two months later, confirmed the information, and even detail about the reconciliation that is possible.

Obviously, it was all pick and rushed to be expected. From Eteri Georgievna enough students and now three potential Olympic champion without Medvedeva (Sagitova / Trusova / Kostina, and there are more and Shcherbakov, each of which has in the Arsenal of the Quad). Medvedeva’s just hard in such a young company. She’s growing up. Growing and Sagitova. And in the women’s figure, skating now than you are smaller / lighter, the easier it is for you to execute the elements ultra-si.

To get away from Tutberidze or to leave sports - Evgeny Medvedev decides© RIA Novosti. Alexander Vilf

And let Eteri Georgievna said that Medvedev always in the fight and it does not stop her, but the sensation is exactly the reverse: that Jack wants to comfort, which will not be here. Here are the words Tutberidze of the only pre-Olympic interview: "Eugene whole life is in competition. Once with Polina Shelepen, who was much stronger than her. Then next was Julia Lipnitskaya. Then edge to edge, very close, turned out to be Seraphim Shanovich. And Jack always fought for the attention to her as an athlete on the ice. Therefore, this competition is quite familiar to her. Of course, it adds some kind of nerve training. But … let".

Tutberidze absolutely nothing to lose from leaving. No-th-th. How she lost with the departure of Yulia Lipnitskaya. But Eugene … that she will be very, very hard – that’s a fact. The question is – does she want that? Another four years of grueling workouts, no guarantee, and on the other side – the glossy life of freedom, fun, TV, magazines, receptions, and the opportunity to choose their own ice show is Ilya Averbukh, is Evgeni Plushenko, is Tatiana Navka . I am sure of each of them will gladly take the star of such magnitude.

To get away from Tutberidze or to leave sports - Evgeny Medvedev decides© RIA Novosti. Mr Song

And there will be situations where Tutberidze roll Medvedev on ice and raised her voice, otherwise there may already not working, and Tutberidze consciously does it and quite logically explains: "Yes, I swear. Cause you are the athlete through "do not want" to do what it needs. That’s all. Acting like a normal parent, who is obliged to educate and monitor their child’s education. Just because he loves him. If you stop to watch. It is clear that the baby is hard. The coach is also not easy because each athlete is trying to somehow. So, we have to talk to him, cursing, and even some methods to look. Sometimes Zhenya serious talk. She is a big girl, speech is sufficient. Sometimes you have the TV remote control to raise the level of speech. And then, in front of her, took a lot of different examples. It is very early to seriously to ride, and she can always be reminded – "what if". She has something to remember"- said Tutberidze last year.

And here the decision should only be Zhenya. It’s her life, her right. After all, in such a crazy domestic competition, even getting in the squad will need to gnaw, to scratch and beautiful (really beautiful) eyes one team to the detriment of the result will not take. If only was not thinking about the change of sport nationality. Here, by the way, you need to let go. And in any case not to interfere.

The opinion of the author is not necessarily reflect those of the publisher.

US team threw four unanswered goals in the gate of Denmark at the ChMH-2018

The winners of the meeting scored goals Will Butcher, Chris Kreider, Cam Atkinson and Nick Jensen.

It should be noted, the goalkeeper of Americans Keith Kincaid reflected all 20 shots on his goal.

Americans with five points went to the leaders of group B, and the Danes settled on the fourth line, having in the asset three points less.

In the next match of the tournament, the US team will play on May 7 with Germany, and Denmark will meet with Canada on the same day.

Recall, the World Hockey Championship in 2018 takes place from 4 to 20 May in two Danish cities – Copenhagen and Herning.


Group stage

Group B

Denmark – USA – 0: 4 (0: 1, 0: 2, 0: 1)


0: 1 – 16 ‘Butcher (Godro)

0: 2 – 22 ‘Crieder (Ryan)

0: 3 – 29 ‘Atkinson (Jensen, Kreider)

0: 4 – 54 ‘Jensen (Kane, Butcher)

Two years ago he scored in the final of the Euro. Yesterday he made the “Loco” champion

All about Eder.

Two years ago he scored in the final of the Euro. Yesterday he made the "Loco" champion

• The golden goal of Lokomotiv was scored by 30-year-old Portuguese striker Eder. This is only the fourth goal of the Portuguese in the season – but the most important.

• Two years ago, Eder also decided in the Euro Final. He came out in the 79th minute instead of Renata Sansheesh, and on the 109th scored a goal that made Ronaldo and his friends the champions of Europe.

• Eder generally knows how to score decisive balls. Of the four goals scored by him this season Premier League, three – victorious. Eder twice scored the decisive balls in the end: in September, pulled out for “Loko” victory in “Rostov”, today – scored a golden goal, “Zenith”.

• Eder does not belong to “Lokomotiv”, he is rented from “Lille” (according to Nobel Arustamyan, without the right of redemption). Prior to that, he played in Swansea, Braga, Academia and the Portuguese clubs of the lower leagues. He was nowhere a superbomber, his best result was 16 goals in the season-2012/13 for “Braga” in the Portuguese Premier League.

Two years ago he scored in the final of the Euro. Yesterday he made the "Loco" champion

• The final decision on the transition to the “Loco” was taken by the wife of Eder, Sann. “The opinion of the wife is important, she said:” All right, we are going to Russia. ” And I signed it, “said the Portuguese.

• In January, “Lille” was thinking of withdrawing Eder from the lease. The club received a transfer ban for spending too much fat in the summer of 2017.

• Eder likes to read works on neuropsychology and personality development. About them he told Suzana Torres – mentor mentor and coach for personal growth from the banking sector, with which Eder started working six months before Euro-2016.

• According to information, Eder – 60th in the top-100 highest paid players of the Premier League. His salary is 1.7 million euros per year.

The monitoring group of the Council of Europe is satisfied with the implementation of the Russian anti-doping roadmap

MOSCOW, may 5. / TASS /. The monitoring group of the Convention on Anti-Doping Roadmap of the Council of Europe. This was reported by TASS the head of the sport conventions of the Council of Europe, a member of the Supervisory Council of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) Sergey Khrychikov.

3 and 4 may in Strasbourg, France was the meeting of the Monitoring Group of the Convention on the Fight against Doping of the Council of Europe in the Field of Educational Activities (T-DO). The day before it began its work on the ad hoc Committee for Interaction with the World Anti-Doping Agency (CAHAMA). On the agenda, the anti-doping legislation, regulatory framework and interagency cooperation. The anti-doping Agency (WADA) and the anti-doping convention of the Council of Europe.

"The Council of Europe, noted Khrychikov. – The Russian Federation, in turn, are grateful to the Council of Europe for their support and cooperation in the framework of the action plan adopted in anti-doping activities. On Friday at the meeting was also reiterated that the main tasks that were assigned to Russia at the time of writing our roadmap was made".

According to the Interlocutor of the Agency, WADA, which will be held in mid-May in Montreal, and agreed common position of the European governments. The Chairman of the CAHAMA, was re-elected pole Rafal Infantry.

The WADA Executive Committee will be held on May 16, the next day. RUSADA compliance status of the anti-doping code, which you lost in November 2015.

Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

“Attack wins matches, defense wins titles” – this catch phrase is generally attributed to Sir Alex Ferguson, but there is no doubt that it reflects the coaching philosophy of Yuri Semin.

Two of the championship “Locomotive” under his leadership in the early 2000s, was produced in a very pragmatic style, which meant a reasonable balance without bias attack (both times the railwaymen were not in the top three performance, but missed the least in the League) and the strict observance of discipline.

This season is on the safe side once again is justified (19 goals conceded is the current minimum), and the spring part of the championship “the locomotive” has played in 6 of 8 matches “zero”.

The average “norm of tolerance” is 2.8 scoring chances at the gate (less than just “Rostov” and 2.6 per game) and, more importantly, significant drawdowns on this level the memory of a dreadful 1-8 in two games against atlético this season).

Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

In home games defensive statistics Loko looks particularly impressive, although it is possible to find a formal exception in the form of the March match with “amkarom” (7 points allowed), which was played at Cherkizovo, but de jure was listed as away.

The key to defensive stability is no obvious structural defects and weak links, high-pressure damaging effects. All key components – a positional defensiveness, resistance, counterattack and standards team. Semin can put a rating range from “good” to “excellent”, although hard-to-explain failures happen, too.

Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

For example, a glaring error out of the blue Pejcinovic, who gave Smolov a goal in the last match with the “bulls” absolutely uncharacteristic neither for the team nor for him personally. For the first time in the championship uncompensated loss of players “Loko” in the defensive third, led to fatal consequences, and to catch in the slip consistency.

Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

Thanks, the ad is hidden.

A relatively weak place “Loko” it can be assumed that vulnerability to long-range artillery. After the shots from outside the penalty area, the team, the semi- missed almost in the middle of the league (6 of 19) – all of them occurred in the autumn.

However, in the same game with “Krasnodar” was more curious from the practical point of view, the event.

Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

The fact that until the last round “the locomotive” remained the only team that never missed after the opponent’s attacks from the right flank. It looked especially weird because the left-and-behind position in the “Loco” is the most large-scale rotation (in the last matches Rybus staked their place, but Mikhail Lysov and Vitaly Denisov should be the most vulnerable.

Funny that the “soak” this statistical anomaly, it was able to “bulls”, which flanks attack very reluctantly – in contrast, Zenit, under such a game as sharpened. By the way, in the first leg of the team, Mancini was badly battered “Loco” again on the flanks, although for the season “railwaymen” flanking the resistance and “krasnostawski” (at least in the three episodes of seminci, frankly bounced) at a very respectable level.

Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

Thanks to the 196-centimetre giant Kvirkvelia and powerful Tarasov Lokomotiv is good and neutralize the hinged standards (only 3 goals conceded – less only “Zenith” and “ruby”), although in the spring the filing of Paredes, almost every game have a real goal-scoring perspective. Whether the Argentine braid to go around the Georgian boulder and find a light ball head or other body.

Especially for the official site of FC “Zenit”

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Finalists of Champions League

KIEV, may 5. / TASS /. The teams that will play in the final of the Champions League "Olympic" in Kiev, housed in a prestigious location. Madrid "Real" located in the hotel "Opera" and English "Liverpool" will stay in a five star hotel "Intercontinental".

"The players will arrive in Kyiv in one day – may 24"- the newspaper writes

Pre-match training teams will be held may 25 at the NSC "Olympic". "Liverpool" out on the pitch at 18:00 GMT "Real" at 20:00 GMT. With a difference of two hours will be a press conference. Jurgen Klopp will begin meeting with reporters at 17:15 GMT, Zinedine Zidane at 19:15 GMT.

As reported earlier, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, before the Champions League "Real" and "Liverpool". The city administration. Fans "Real" pass to the stadium from the Palace "Ukraine". Fans "Liverpool" will move to the arena from the building of the university. Taras Shevchenko on Vladimirskaya street. Of the "Boryspil" and "Kiev" will be delivered to the fans to collection points, where they will form a column.

May 24 at the stadium "Dynamo" them. Dynamo will host the final of the Women’s Champions League between the German club "Wolfsburg" and French "Lyon". Kyiv authorities expect that during the final games of Kiev will be visited by about 50 thousand foreign tourists.