Do not slip: G7 chose a dangerous path

"The Big Seven" chose a dangerous path. The G7 summit was a confirmation of the Russophobia of its participants, Lavrov.

Do not slip: G7 chose a dangerous path

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Results of the summit "the G-7" the Russian minister commented during the meeting the heads of the foreign ministries of the SCO countries. The Russophobic agenda seems to have become the leading one for G7 members. You might think that others "serious issues that need to be addressed in their own circle, the G7 member countries no longer have".

Particularly struck by Johnson’s proposal to create a group whose only task "studying the behavior of Russia". Meanwhile, the format "The G-7" more and more irrelevant in the modern world. The main international problems are solved within the framework of "The G-20".

"Russophobic background is obvious. On this slippery path went even those countries from among the G7, who assure us that they do not support the isolation of Russia", – Lavrov stressed.

Of course, the government of each country has the right to choose its own way of development and building relationships with other states. And the key word here "yourself". The United States has already pushed Europe to the slippery track of sanctions, but apparently the West is not short of economic losses, it is necessary to slip once more and how to nose properly to understand where the shepherds from Washington lead them.

Foreigners: about Putin’s prophecy in 2002

Foreigners: about Putin's prophecy in 2002

Back in 2002, young Vladimir Putin warned the world about problems with the placement of funds in offshore zones, saying that in case of frozen funds you become tortured, then swallow dust to defrost them!

Let’s find out how foreigners react to this prophecy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin always speaks the right things, he has not once warned the world and continues to do so in the hope that one day he will be heard and listened to – bob z

Putin’s words in 2002 turned out to be 100% accurate. Then no one paid special attention to Putin’s speech, but now everyone understands that the Russian president was right, but as then no one will admit it – T. Kirk

When you have a clear mind, you can see too far. This is just one of Putin’s prophecies – Maria Kuzali

Putin is a far-sighted politician, his words are like predictions! I remember his speech at the UN in 2015, everything happened the way he said. – ησяϯн кαяεlια

Well, this is a warning 15 years before the event.

In fact, I heard from people I trust that Putin repeatedly warned particularly rich or powerful people 5 years ago.

However, once again, few people listened to him. – Ahofer556

Yes, they do not care about these meetings. It was not the first time that they had announced an amnesty for capital. And in response silence – danny

In my opinion this is not a prophecy. It’s just a good understanding of events and a competent analysis based on known facts. If you have common sense, it helps – Exotic Flash

Putin becoming the president of Russia instantly began to change the course of the development of the country, and when he was still very young he spoke to the world community, he left everyone bewildered, because he always spoke the truth. Putin’s trump card is that he always considers everything in front of him. – Krisbran

The arrest of the fake author about 300 deaths in Kemerovo is recognized as legal

The arrest of the fake author about 300 deaths in Kemerovo is recognized as legal

The Moscow City Court recognized as lawful the absentee arrest of a Ukrainian citizen, pranker Nikita Kuvikov, known under the pseudonym Evgeny Volnov. He is accused of spreading false information about the death toll in a fire in the “Winter Cherry” shopping mall in Kemerovo.

– The decision of the Basmanny Court regarding the accused Kuvikova is left unchanged, – Tass quotes the words of the judge.

With regard to the pranker, a criminal case has been instituted and is being investigated in connection with the incitement of hatred or enmity. The Moscow Basmanny Court on March 28, having satisfied the petition of the investigative bodies, concluded Kuvikova in custody for a period of two months from the date of extradition, or from the moment of his detention in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The court declared him on international wanted list.

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Without the US, we would not have defeated Hitler and now would not sell gas to Europe

Without the US, we would not have defeated Hitler and now would not sell gas to Europe

With the US it is necessary to be friends! First of all – from a sense of rationalism and self-preservation. But in a greater degree – out of gratitude. Since we consider ourselves a great nation. A nation of mercy and justice. I affirm that no one has done more for the Rus / Russian Empire / USSR / Russia than for the United States. Rather so – no one ever did anything for us! Everyone just asked or demanded! And only the US, we can be grateful for the help in our relations with her.

First, we actively helped …

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Ramzan Kadyrov reacted to the statement of the US Secretary of State.

Ramzan Kadyrov reacted to the statement of the US Secretary of State.

Ramzan Kadyrov rejected the statements and. about. the US Secretary of State on human rights violations in Chechnya, saying that the situation in the Republic is “much better” than in America

Acting US Secretary of State John Sullivan called on all to pay attention to the impunity of human rights violations in Chechnya.

Ramzan Kadyrov reacted in his telegram to the channel, as follows. “With all responsibility I tell Mr. Sullivan that his statement on human rights violations in Chechnya contains not a small part of the truth. This also applies to the part about alleged impunity. As for basic human rights, the situation in Chechnya is much better than in the United States of America, in this I assure you my dear friend.

Kadyrov referred to recent reports on human rights practices published by the US State Department at the end of last week. The authors of the document called the governments of Russia, Iran, China and North Korea “morally reprehensible” and claimed that human rights violations are committed in these countries “on a daily basis. They also specifically mentioned Chechnya, Kadyrov and his government, highlighting the alleged impunity for violations.

In his response, the Chechen leader said that the Republic had an extremely low level of murders, robberies, rapes, abductions and other “street” crimes. He noted that Chechnya stands out at the world level as a region that prioritizes equality on ethnic and religious grounds and provides equal access to education and health for all its inhabitants.

He also invited the acting secretary of state of the United States to visit the detention center in the Chechen capital Grozny and the prison in the Naur district of the republic to personally familiarize himself with the conditions of detention of prisoners. Kadyrov promised to apologize to Sullivan personally if during this visit the official finds evidence that conditions in Chechen prisons are worse than in American prisons.

Kadyrov said that the concerns expressed by the American diplomat, was particularly cynical after the US introduced a new round of anti-Russian sanctions.

A source

Gazprom is ready to build a Nord Stream-3

Gazprom is ready to build a Nord Stream-3

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom Alexander Medvedev said that Gazprom could build a “Nord Stream-3” if the EU confirms the need for Russian gas. This is reported by the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“If Europe declares its needs, is ready to sign the necessary contracts, I do not rule out that there will be still need for new gas transportation projects – Nord Stream-3, for example,” Medvedev said.

He also added that the export of Gazprom’s gas to foreign countries will overcome the 200 billion cubic meters mark in 2020 after new gas pipelines from Russia to Europe and China are launched.

Previously Gazprom reported readiness for negotiations with Ukraine on a new contract.

Rogozin: Russia will stop financing GLONASS

Rogozin: Russia will stop financing GLONASS

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin at a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that Russia has since 2018 ceased state financing of the GLONASS joint-stock company. It is reported Online The Kremlin.

“Since this year, we have stopped public funding, because this organization has switched to self-sufficiency. This is very important, underscores the success of the policy of commercializing the opportunities that Russian orbital systems create, “Rogozin said.

He also said that he considers it technically possible to combine ERA-GLONASS, Safe City and Sistema-112 systems.

As noted, Putin supported this initiative.

Earlier, Rogozin said that the launch of the GLONASS satellites after 2021 will be carried out on a new launch vehicle “Angara”.

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe has told how much the Council will hold without money from Russia

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe has told how much the Council will hold without money from Russia

Secretary General of the Council of Europe (CoE) Thorbjørn Jagland said that without the money of Turkey and Russia, the Council will hold out until the end of 2019. It is reported RIA News”.

“We can do it by the end of next year. Upon the arrival of this period, I can assure you that I will take action, “Jagland said.

He also stressed that he would not remain in his place unless he took any measures.

Previously Jagland allowed the adoption of CE anti-Russian measures due to non-payment of contributions to the budget by Russia.

It was also reported that the PACE complained on the budget deficit because of Russia’s decision on contributions.

The Fiery Belt around Russia: soon the heat will pour!

The geopolitical catastrophe of Russian civilization by no means remained outside the borders of the last century, but continues today, entering a new, even more sinister stage.

The Fiery Belt around Russia: soon the heat will pour!

Vladimir Putin’s famous phrase about the collapse of the USSR as the largest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century, if not most, is perceived as a fact of history, and quite a long time ago. Like, it happened and it happened, but business is the past. What is there to worry about?

Alas, this purely archival interpretation of this event has nothing to do with reality. For the mere fact of the termination of the existence of a single state, which, in fact, was a big Russia, was not the final, but strictly opposite, starting point of the negative processes that continue to this day. And they acquire an increasingly threatening character for Russia.

First of all, we are talking about a colossal weakening of the entire aggregate potential of Russian civilization, which had a fatal effect on the place and extent of Russia’s influence in the surrounding world. That is, precisely on what is key to the chances of any civilization, not only for successful development, but even for elementary survival. The scale of these catastrophic losses was best described by the same Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly on March 1 of the current year:

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia, which was called the Soviet Union in Soviet times, was called abroad, Soviet Russia, if we talked about our national borders, lost 23.8 percent of the territory, 48.5 percent of the population, 41 percent of the gross social product , 39.4 percent of the industrial potential (I pay attention, almost half), 44.6 percent of the military potential in connection with the division of the Armed Forces of the USSR between the former union republics.

Immediately after the collapse of the USSR, the loss of this enormous potential did not seem so catastrophic. It was believed that the international structures created on the site of the Union, such as the CIS, plus the traditional proximity of the peoples of the former union republics, not to mention the colossal intertwining of kinship ties, would not allow them to run too far. And all this will somehow be cooked in one boiler under the aegis of the same Russia.

Today we see that everything turned out to be far from the exact opposite. The interstate structures of the CIS type, created “during the continuation of the USSR,” turned out to be mostly purely decorative, and their activities were reduced to lush “summits” to demonstrate to the people the ostentatious closeness of the leaders. And to the production of mountains of bureaucratic waste paper about life is good. In fact, even the highest form of such integration, the Union State of the Russian Federation and Belarus, exists mainly on paper.

The ruling tops of the new “independent powers”, in effect, the medieval feudal clans who received their huge land holdings together with millions of “serfs”, as it turned out, do not care about objective economic laws that urgently required the preservation and development of a common industrial and trade space , as well as the cooperative ties of the former parts of the whole. For them, the most important was the maximum isolation of these parts from each other – the most reliable guarantee of retaining their own control over them. The interests of their peoples, who as a result of this runaway in their national apartments were in fact deprived of a sufficient economic base of existence, the rulers did not care at all. Vymrut is so extinct, so, did not fit into the market economy. They themselves do not need so many slaves who still need to feed. Hence the colossal human losses of the republics of the former USSR.

But on this the disengagement with Russia by no means ended. After the installation of border fences and the severance of economic ties, it was the turn of the complete uprooting of everything that so differently connected these peoples with Russia. The Russians were naturally the first to strike. They instantly became undesirable persons in these “liberated” territories and began to push them out by all means from there. And even from those places where the words to the Russian seem to have remained the best attitude. My friends near Moscow, ordinary hard-working Russian people, left Kazakhstan, yes, it was the most friendly, officially union of the Russian Federation, a fragment of the USSR (!), Back in the late 90s because of what they say is the unbearable attitude of the local national -concerned. A woman who by profession is absolutely a peaceful person – a hairdresser, struck me with the fact that even today, with undisguised hatred, she remembers about her oppressors there. And she says that if she had an automaton, she would have found an application for him. And this is about the most “peaceful and tolerant to the Russian” Kazakhstan!

What then is to be said about Moldova, where the “Romanians” scalded by unbridled Russophobic propaganda in the early 1990s went to war with the local Russian population under the slogan “Suitcase, station, Russia!” About Georgia, in which nationalism was brought to such boiling water, that this tiny republic could not get along with the Russians, but even with its own outskirts: Abkhazia and South Ossetia! About the Baltic States, where they were immediately made heroes of Hitler’s warriors of local nationalities, simply because the best fighters with Russia and the Russians in their long history were not found.

Wherever there were more Russians, for example, in Ukraine, local feudal lords had to sweat. But even there they quite successfully cope. At first they took advantage of the naivete inherent in the whole of our people, brought up on complete trust in the “party and government.” But then there was the Soviet government, and not the bandit, as now. And they tortured him in the most boring way.

As a result, from the Ukrainian population, which literally just (in March 1991) voted overwhelmingly (under 80%) for the preservation of a single country, the USSR, with the help of absolutely wacky propaganda of the type "Moskali zily our bacon!" knocked out the absolutely opposite result in the referendum on Ukraine’s independence. And they fooled so cleverly that people still think that they voted for Ukraine in the Union!

I can proudly say that I was one of the few who did not succumb to this fuss. And right there in the voting booth, the coat of arms of the USSR was put on the ballot paper. Surely, on this basis, he was considered invalid. But it did not matter. New feudal lords could draw any result acceptable to them, still no one would check.

Then the barbarous rout of the economic basis of the existence of Ukraine began. I will not go far. As an Odessa citizen and a TV journalist, I saw with my own eyes the destruction of almost all large industrial and transport enterprises in Odessa, which had the meaning of existence only in the presence of a large union state. It is a plant for heavy crane construction, a factory for precision machine tools, a plant for agricultural machinery, the Black Sea Shipping Company, a system of seaports in Ukraine, dozens of other enterprises and research institutes (the Temp CB, the Space Television Institute) linked into a single all-union complex. All this mercilessly destroyed, and people, all over Ukraine – millions of the most educated specialists and experienced production workers were thrown out like trash, to drag sacks with junk from Turkey.

Today in Ukraine, the most advanced and most dangerous stage of this operation has come, liquidation is the complete destruction of the historical memory of the local population. It is dangerous for Kiev feudal lords precisely because it is wholly connected with Russia. And, of course, the destruction of the Russian language and Russian culture as the main carriers of this hostile feudal regime of memory and mentality. The task is extremely difficult and almost impossible. But in ideal laboratory conditions that arose after the Russophobic seizure of power by Nazi renegades, and with unlimited time available for its implementation, it is quite solvable.

It will be another 15-20 years. The generation that remembers, as in fact it was before, will leave. And there will be a mass and unhindered industrial production of carbunchers, such as the bumblebee or Ivanov, who do not remember kinship. For whom “motherland” will be America, and Russia – an eternal and hateful enemy, which should be destroyed. Even at the cost of destroying Ukraine itself.

Approximately the same thing happens in all the other outskirts of the former Soviet Union and the former historical Russia. Here’s what, for example, he writes about the situation in another quiet whirlpool, Turkmenistan, these days the Russian press:

As a source in the republic told RIA Novosti, today Russian speech can be heard only in the capital – Ashgabat, Russian schools are closed all but one. Career in state bodies for persons of non-title nationality is extremely difficult. Turkmenistan becomes part of the Muslim world, forgetting the Russian and Soviet past. Signs throughout the country – only in the local language and English, the system of Soviet education is lost, and with it – and massive bilingualism.

“A whole generation has already grown up, which does not speak Russian at all. There are still secondary schools in some cities where classes with instruction in Russian are preserved. But very many educational institutions were simply liquidated, and in a quiet way, in the 1990s. Just passed the command not to type in the first class of Russian-speaking. And in 10 years the schools turned into national ones “, – said the local resident Vladimir.

What is happening now in almost all the so-called national republics, these torn away pieces of Russian territory, in most cases never having a historically significant scale even their own statehood, has one and quite common denominator. This is a total and final cleansing of everything that in one way or another has to do with the Russian civilization and the historical borders of Russia.

And where there is still trying to resist, the course is brute force. As, for example, today in the same Armenia. Relatively pro-Russian authorities of which became the object of aggression of the next Maidan. Which is so abundantly financed and equipped with trained personnel trained in special schools of the US CIA, which is quite likely to win even against the fundamental national interests of the Armenian people. For whom an alliance with Russia is a matter of national survival.

The purpose of all this is absolutely obvious. After the completion of this process, Russia will never be able to return its outlying territories in a natural, non-violent way. That is, through the preservation of a common spiritual, cultural, economic space and historical heritage. All this will not happen. This entirely meets the interests of local feudal elites, who in this way, even at the cost of colossal losses for their own peoples, permanently entrust territories and herds of servitude that have been torn away from Russia. And to an even greater extent this corresponds to the interests of geopolitical opponents of Russia, who are vitally interested in ensuring that it remains forever in its present severely curtailed form.

But that’s not all. The extreme economic incapacity of the former parts of the whole that have fallen from Russia makes them permanently unstable entities whose authorities are objectively interested in having an external enemy to justify their own anti-popular rule. That is why, in the current “national reconciliation”, extremely favorable soil is being created to stir up anti-Russian hysteria, which in some places has already reached the stage of armed confrontation. This is the situation in Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine.

In the long term, all these so-called republics, combined efforts of local thieves elites and covering them, pursuing their own anti-Russian interests of the West, can be turned into bastions of the most bellicose Russophobia along the entire perimeter of Russian borders. Such a fiery belt around the remnants of Russia will become the next stage of the geopolitical catastrophe that Vladimir Putin speaks about. Almost 50% of the population of the former Soviet Union can be turned into hordes of hatred of Russia by new barbarians, which will be used by the West to invade the current Russian Federation from all directions. That is why I say that the disaster, unfortunately, did not remain in the last century, but continues to grow right before our eyes.

In Greece, offered a spectacular way to remove Western sanctions from the Crimea


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In Greece, offered a spectacular way to remove Western sanctions from the CrimeaGreek General suggested a way to remove sanctions from Crimea and Russia

At the Yalta Economic Forum, a public figure in Greece in the past, Lieutenant-General of the Greek Air Force Pavlos Christ proposed a method of lifting the sanctions on Russia and, in particular, from the Crimea.

In the opinion of the president of the Society of Friends of Crimea in Greece, Russia must establish the export of the West of the titanium, which is so necessary, exclusively through the Crimean peninsula.

My proposal is that the export and import of the Russian Federation with the European Union and the United States be carried out through the Crimea. This is especially true of titanium and metals, which are so necessary for the West, – RIA Novosti quotes Christ.

The Greek general said that the vice-premier of the Government of the Republic of Crimea did not just endorse this idea, but supported it. So, George Muradov proposed to create a foreign trade corporation, which must be registered as a Crimean legal entity. After that, give her the exclusive right to conduct import-export operations with the United States on vital for American positions.

author: Neil PROTASOV