“Know your place”: in Russia they responded to Latvia’s complaints about the “unwillingness of Russians to build a trusting relationship”

Latvia is dissatisfied with the fact that Russia ignores her requests and forces her to spend money, and nothing can be done about it.

"Know your place": in Russia they responded to Latvia's complaints about the "unwillingness of Russians to build a trusting relationship"photo: https://kazanreporter.ru/

The intention of the Russian Defense Ministry to conduct missile firing in the Baltic Sea from 4 to 6 and from 17 to 19 April was taken with bayonets by Sweden and Latvia. To conduct these exercises, Sweden was forced to warn the civil maritime movement that the Baltic Sea zones would temporarily be dangerous for navigation, and Latvia closed part of the airspace for commercial flights.

At the same time, the Swedish media were frightening the population by the fact that Russia conducts exercises in dangerous proximity from the coast of the country (which did not correspond to reality) and in general it needs to prepare for war.

Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis on the air of the LNT television channel said that "The exercises do not contribute to security in the Baltic region and negatively affect the intensive navigation", and also noted the probability of errors, because of what such firing in the inland sea can not be carried out at all.

In addition, he accused Russia of demonstrating strength and, to some extent, provocation against Latvia and NATO in order to find out their reaction.

In turn, the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, that the alliance will closely follow the ongoing military exercises of Russia in the Baltic Sea.

But Latvia as a result has not seen rocket launches and has addressed to the Russian Federation with the requirement to explain, that occurs.

"We want to receive information from the Russian Federation why the declared exercises were not held for the second time. I do not have any data, maybe it happened for technical reasons. I still have no explanation why we did not see anything in the closed sectors", – the Minister of Defense of Latvia Раймондс Бергманис has declared on air of the Latvian TV on April, 20th.

photo: http://rus.db.lv/

He noted that airspace over the Baltic Sea is intensively used for air traffic, so the predictability of such exercises is an important factor in terms of air safety.

As it turned out, Russia has not bothered to give an explanation to Latvia, which has greatly upset the Ministry of Defense of the Republic. According to the State Secretary of Latvia, Janis Garissons, the country there is practically no opportunity to somehow influence Russia’s plans to conduct missile firing in the exclusive economic zone of the Baltic country, it can reserve airspace for this unlimited number of times.

Such behavior of the Russian Federation, says the Secretary of State, speaks of "reluctance of Russians to build trust" and nothing can be done about it.

"We can not do anything special. Of course, we can talk with international organizations about this situation, and we can continue to monitor. We have already discussed this issue with NATO partners", – said Garisons.

In addition, the Latvian Secretary of State is concerned that if the Russian side again decides to conduct missile firing, The Latvian army will have to organize observation abroad, having spent money on this from the budget.

photo: http://www.mixnews.lv/

Editor in Chief "National defense" Igor Korotchenko, commenting on the radio Sputnik this situation, said that Riga can not have any claims to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation – everything happens in the framework of international treaties and in this regard Latvia "must know his place".

"Latvia should know its place in terms of the fact that attempts to dictate anything to Russia that are not based on any international law can not be considered legitimate criticism. Let them complain in sports, league of sexual reforms, NATO, the reaction will be similar – it is not based on international law", – said Korotchenko.

It should be noted that on April 7, Captain First Rank Roman Martov, head of the information department of the press service of the Western Military District for the Baltic Fleet, said that the crew of the corvette "Wise" The Baltic Fleet during the exercises reflected the missile strike of the conventional enemy.

"Target shooting crew "Clever" carried out using a sea-based antiaircraft missile system "Redoubt". Air target "Tribute to M" was first launched from a position in the Cape Taran area in the Kaliningrad region. The naval range of the Baltic Fleet, where the training was held, was declared temporarily dangerous for civil navigation and aviation flights", – told Martov.

In addition, the crew of the ship conducted exercises on electronic warfare, anti-sabotage defense and the struggle for vitality, and also worked out the elements of maneuvering and passing through the ship by narrowness, the captain noted.

Ukraine illegally retains 3/4 of its territory

Ukraine illegally retains 3/4 of its territory

Ukraine, which declared itself to be the successor to the Ukrainian SSR, but to the quasi-state entity of the UPR, illegally retains 3/4 of its existing territory.

This was stated by the Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin at the Forum of Friends of Crimea in Livadia, which gathered representatives from 30 countries.

“The principle of territorial integrity is not applicable to Ukraine in 2014 – the Ukrainian statehood was then absent after the coup d’état.

Today’s Ukraine considers itself to be the successor to the Ukrainian SSR, and the successor to the quasi- state formation of the times of civil war – the UNR, which occupied only a quarter of the current territory of Ukraine.

If you follow this position, at least 3/4 of the territory is illegally occupied. But we are silent about this tactfully, “Delyagin said.

In his opinion, it is time for Russia to move to a more assertive position in the dispute with the West, the “Political Navigator” correspondent reports.

“Three and a half years, Russia behaves extremely politely. We diligently explain that the policy of destroying Russia (and Western politicians speak directly about this) is disadvantageous to Europe.

We explain that the cold war is hurting them. But 3.5 years is a long time. In the Russian Federation, the feeling is growing that politeness is a national disease, which is time to cure. The reality is that there is no international law. With regard to the Russian Federation, it is brazenly ignored. Why on earth do we keep it?

We are extremely polite. As a result, we deceive ourselves. There is no longer any international law. There is a right of power, to us the West demonstrates this.

There are no “principles of humanism”. Crimea was reunited without human sacrifice. The fact that in Ukraine people are killed every day, political terror (at least 10 thousand killed in the Donbass officially, and according to German research, a year ago there were 50 thousand in the Donbass, and in the rest of Ukraine – 10 thousand) – and this is the international community is considered normal!

Permanent sabotage, attempts at genocide – to deprive Crimea of ​​water and electricity – is this a norm for the international community?

The Russian Federation has been placed by the West in the same position as the Jewish population in Germany before the final solution of the Jewish question. If we do not understand what will be the same – as with the Jewish community in Germany … the West has finally exposed the face – as a civilization of lies and violence. If we did not have nuclear missiles, we would be bombed in March 2014, “said Delyagin.

In his opinion, it is necessary to “drive the entire Russian business of the Crimea” with an iron hand, and also start “real sanctions against the West”.

“One must be cured of politeness once and for all. Our national interests are higher than any law ignored by Western civilization, “concluded Delyagin.

Russia must take away part of Ukraine: the professor of Moscow State University called on Moscow to take serious actions

Russia must take away part of Ukraine: the professor of Moscow State University called on Moscow to take serious actions

Professor and head of the Department of International Organizations of the Faculty of World Politics of the Moscow State University Andrei Sidorov made an unexpected statement yesterday on the confrontation between America and Russia. According to the expert, in this confrontation the Russian side can answer seriously, having taken to itself the huge territory of Nezalezhnaya.

The specialist stressed that his allies need to “build”, but first we need to deal not with allies, but first of all with Ukraine.

“It is necessary to solve the problem,” why do we need Ukraine? “, Sidorov asked himself.

The expert noted that Russia needs this state, but, perhaps, not all of its territory:

“… there is still half, it’s Russia, in part it’s Poland and Kiev with the towns, – the expert considers.

Sidorov is sure that the Russian Federation has not yet shown neighboring states what can lead to a complete break of ties with it:

“Neighboring countries are very frivolous about European integration. Let’s show it in Ukraine. “

At the same time, the expert noted that he was speaking first not about Ukrainians, but about the same Americans.

Russia must take away part of Ukraine: the professor of Moscow State University called on Moscow to take serious actionsSource of the photo: ria.ru

Recall that previously the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, had already spoken out about the return of part of Ukraine to Russia.

Commanders of US special forces left their soldiers to be torn to the terrorists

Commanders of US special forces left their soldiers to be torn to the terrorists

American Edition of ABC News reported that commanders of US special forces threw their subordinates on the battlefield, during a military operation in the African country of Niger.

Let me remind you that back in October 2017, the first information appeared about the deaths of four US special forces during a shootout with militants "IGIL". The surviving commanders of the detachment told the family and loved ones that they had fallen under the mortar fire of the enemy and had to withdraw, but because of the dust that had risen they could not navigate in time and load all the soldiers into the car.

However, later it turned out that this was all untrue. Soon, a video appeared on the network, which clearly shows all the actions of American commandos, the cameras are attached to the helmets of every soldier, the video was posted by the militants.

After viewing the horrible frames of the parents of the victims were in shock. The commanders were in the car, and the soldiers were hiding during the firing from the terrorists for it, and it is unclear why the decision was not made to load the soldiers into the pick-up and immediately leave the war zone.

You can clearly see how the American soldiers perished and how the pickup truck left with their commanders. One can also see how the terrorists who came up were finishing off still living soldiers.

The most terrible thing about all this is the lie of commanders of special forces. According to them, they returned a little later for the bodies of their subordinates, but it turned out to be lies. The bodies of the dead were found by the military of the Nigerian army and later transferred to the Pentagon.

These are the commanders in the most powerful army in the world. In the whole world, in any army there is a simple concept of honor and courage and if the ship is drowning, then the captain must leave it, this applies to any military actions. Each commander should head to be responsible for his soldier, but apparently, in the American army everything is just as exclusive as in politics.

The daring Ukrainian admiral offered a military response to Russian ships in the Kerch Strait

This is reported with reference to the “Observer” Izvestia.

Kabanenko commented on the thorough inspection of Ukrainian ships, which is conducted in the Sea of ​​Azov by Russian border guards. At the same time, the FSB of the Russian Federation specified earlier that the events are held within the framework of international maritime norms.

The Ukrainian admiral said that it was time to prepare for the complete blockade of the Kerch Strait. Civil courts will have to appoint a military convoy – and if the Russians approach it, it will qualify as an attack. So Ukrainian ships will be able to attack them.

Relations between Russia and Ukraine at sea have deteriorated greatly after the scandal around the fishing vessel “Nord”, when the Ukrainian side illegally arrested Crimeans. Then the two team members managed, in the literal sense of the word, to flee to Russia:

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Kazakhstan tries to justify itself for admission of the USA to the Caspian Sea

Kazakhstan tries to justify itself for admission of the USA to the Caspian SeaRelated materials

The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Russia asked to consider news of Russian media about the use by the US naval forces of Kazakhstan’s ports in the Caspian Sea “by groundless inventions from the category of fake news”. This was announced by the press service of the diplomatic department on April 26.

The press service of the Kazakh embassy cites the full text of the protocol on amending the bilateral agreement between the governments of Kazakhstan and the US “on ensuring the commercial rail transit of special cargo through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in connection with the participation of the United States of America in efforts to stabilize and restore the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.”

Among the checkpoints through which special cargoes and accompanying personnel must pass, railway stations of Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are indicated.

The embassy believes that it is the efforts of the entire international community to “assist in the stabilization of Afghanistan.” The diplomats reminded that Russia also concluded a similar agreement.

It should be noted that in fact, since 2008 Russia has signed several acts permitting the transit by air and otherwise of cargo of countries participating in the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF).

However, in May 2015, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree abolishing previously signed acts on transit permits. Currently, there is no transit either by the US or by the ISAF through the territory of the Russian Federation.

It is also worth noting that since 2014, a number of sanctions have been taken against Russia by Western countries, including the United States and the European Union countries, which radically undermined relations between Moscow and Washington, which makes it impossible to sign such agreements in the current circumstances. Moreover, a number of experts note that the fact of the US presence in the Caspian Sea does not correspond to the national interests of the Russian Federation.

Recall, the US troops entered Afghanistan in 2001. Washington believes that US military forces allegedly ensure the stability of the region. However, the activity of terrorist organizations on the territory of Afghanistan is only increasing. The volume of opium poppy production in the country is growing every year, as the UN reports say.

Moreover, according to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and Tajik special services, the number of terrorists in Afghanistan after the defeat of IGIL (an organization banned in the Russian Federation) in Syria and Iraq is only increasing.

Thus, the US is a factor in the destabilization of Afghanistan, which threatens both Russia and the countries of Central Asia, including Kazakhstan. On the destabilizing role of the United States in the region, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on March 14, 2018.

As reported REGNUM, On April 19, the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan ratified the protocol to the above agreement. According to the document, Kazakhstan’s ports in the Caspian Sea Aktau and Kuryk are included in the routes for the transit of special US cargo from Afghanistan.

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The Russian military covered the meeting place for the French and the militants

That only does not happen in the world, as soon as they do not try to humiliate and mud our country.

The Russian military covered the meeting place for the French and the militants

Various conspiracies and chemical attacks are invented, where our country is to blame. All would be nothing, but this is done only in order to hide from the eyes of the world arena what our Western comrades are doing.

I want to tell you now a situation that, except as in independent sources, will not be told, because it is hiding in every way by foreign special services so that dirt does not spill onto them.

But we know something with you, that these French, British and Americans are actually getting up, who allegedly strike.

So today, according to reliable sources from Syria, a special operation was conducted, during which the meeting place of the French and militants was laid. This happened due to the actions of Russian-Syrian intelligence.

During which it was learned that on April 27 the French entered Iraq from Syria and settled in an area controlled by the US military and the so-called Kurds, which Turkey does not recognize and considers enemy armed groups.

Later it was discovered that part of the French, namely two cars moved towards the Daara district.

In the course of which it was clarified that the French delegation was meeting with a banned group. What was the purpose of this meeting, why did it happen unknown.

The Russian side was not warned about the entry of French troops in Syria and especially their meetings with the banned group.

Then our military went on a step not to miss the moment. Since the meeting took place clearly with the leaders and high-ranking officials of this group.

It was decided to demolish the building, where the two parties supposedly had a dialogue.

What they talked about is difficult to guess, but there are thoughts that militants are supported by the French. What is unknown to anyone, but this fact will already hit France very much ..

As a result, our VIC paid a visit to Daar and dropped a couple of charges on this building, where supposedly met the French and the militants.

After that, special forces were sent to these places, where several people were found in French uniforms, which clearly strikes the whole situation in Syria.

Soon our media should speak, they should not, they have to do it.

Since the fact that France supports the militants in person.

It is known that our MiG-31 took part, how many the military did not know. All the militants were neutralized, thanks to the actions of our intelligence and military.

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At the limit: “Russia has frozen at the point after which it will be impossible to roll back the situation with the West”

Rhetoric of our president has recently changed seriously … Or rather, he almost stopped making serious statements on the situation in Syria, on confrontation with the United States and the countries of the anti-Russian coalition. And this is a very disturbing symptom.

At the limit: "Russia has frozen at the point after which it will be impossible to roll back the situation with the West"

Yes, you can relate to the expression "When Putin is silent, the West is getting nervous". But the situation is different now, unlike in 2014-2016. Russia was taken into ticks. And each time trying to press on "handles" stronger, in the hope of capitulation.

It’s a very disturbing feeling … It seems to me that right now Russia has stopped at the point after which it will be impossible to roll back the situation. Well, at least without huge reputational losses. And this is at least. In an unsuccessful prospect, we can lose the country and get a bunch of souvenir states.

The latest events, following a string one by one, build a very clear picture. The West is using all possible means to discredit Russia, to deprive it of the legitimate opportunity to use military and diplomatic force in the world arena.

The Salisbury incident, the chemical provocation in the Duma, the missile strike of the coalition … and another blow of the coalition, much more successful (two Syrian bases were destroyed, more than 30 military servicemen were killed), all of them are balls in one basket, where Russia is allocated an unenviable role.

Add to this the statements of the Americans about the beginning of the air operation against the IG (banned in the Russian Federation) by the forces of an aircraft carrier group that has come to the Mediterranean Sea.

You understand, who will actually be trying to bomb the US, under the cover of an operation "Unshakable determination". Add to this the exercises of NATO troops starting in the Black Sea "Marine Shield"…

Mites press on Russia, tighten … strong opposition is needed.

Alas, the West understands only the language of power. He actually acts from this position. And every time we are silent, he grows insolent even more.

It is unpleasant. But I am sure that the Russian Federation will not ignore and counteract the collective provocations of the Western "partners".

I do not know who, how, and personally I have, the inner patience is at the limit.

And on the whole, I am very glad that among our military and in power there are cold heads that do not act rudely. They weigh, assess the consequences and then "beat", extracting the maximum benefit from an unpleasant situation for Russia.

At the same time, I want to wish our president a clear mind, a cold and not prejudiced analysis of events … and decisive actions in upholding Russia’s sovereignty.

Yes, patience is running out. Even the most patient can not stand, calling for more rapid and hard answers to the West. But, Russia does not have the right to make a mistake. In fact, she alone stands against a pack of countries that are just waiting to cling to the defenseless side of a bear.

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Russians refused to remove St. George ribbons

Russians refused to remove St. George ribbons

At the airport “Boryspil” near Kiev, border guards did not let two citizens of the Russian Federation to Ukraine because of the refusal to remove the St. George ribbon from suitcases.

This was reported by the State Border Service of Ukraine, the correspondent of “Political Navigator” reports.

“For crossing the border, foreigners had the necessary documents. But on the luggage of tourists, border guards noticed the attached St. George ribbons, which are banned in Ukraine. The Russians reacted negatively to the request to remove this symbolism. In this regard, these individuals were denied crossing the state border and returned to Minsk by return flight, “the report said.

As previously reported, “Political Navigator”, the Verkhovna Rada banned the use of St. George’s (Guards) tape in the country. For violation of the ban threatens the fine and confiscation of the tape, and for a repeated violation – an administrative arrest for up to 15 days.

A source

Zakharova upset NATO with her statement

Zakharova upset NATO with her statementSource of the photo:

The representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova at every press conference never tires of asking the same questions to her Western colleagues and each time demands a clear answer to them.

So this time, at a regular briefing, Zakharova urged NATO members to answer a very slippery question, and which other NATO member countries were trying to synthesize, which has become famous all over the world, poison gas "Newbie"?

The day before, Czech President Miloš Zeman made a sensational statement. The leader of the Czech Republic instructed his special services to conduct an audit on this issue. As a result, it turned out that in 2017 a substance was created in one of the Czech laboratories "Newbie", but immediately after the manufacture was destroyed. This statement only proves that Britain has absolutely unprovenly put forward its charges in the "the Skripal affair" against Russia, for which a serious punishment must be incurred.

After the statement made by the Czech president, Maria Zakharova, in her characteristic rigid form, pointed out that the fraud of Teresa May’s government had completely failed. Russia has long had irrefutable facts of its non-involvement in the "poisoning of the Fiddles", but Britain will have to respond sooner or later for its lies.

You all see that the Czech Republic, despite all the pressure that Britain exerts on all NATO members, still found the strength to be honest and courageous. Need I recall that London attracted a large number of countries in this process to send a large number of our diplomats, Zakharova said.

It turns out that there were no grounds for expelling Russian parliamentarians at all, and all of London’s hysteria was aimed only at discrediting Russia. And now, three weeks later, all the accusations against Russia simply disintegrated, like a house of cards.

Zakharova also stated that, that Russia has repeatedly said that many countries had the opportunity to reproduce "Beginner", but for some reason NATO ignored the fact that only a year ago it was synthesized in the Czech Republic, although we pointed out this case several times.

At the end of the meeting, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Russia would like to to hear from NATO, in which other countries "Newbie"?

The diplomat stressed, that Russia is waiting for an official response from NATO.

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