The media learned Russian in the conditional enemy in military exercises in Estonia

In April, Estonia has held a military exercise of the Locked Shields, during which NATO soldiers practiced responding to a cyber attack from the fictional country of “Crimsoni”. About this newspaper the Washington Post (WP).

According to the newspaper, “Crysania” NATO military identified Russia, and the elements of the exercises were taken “from real life”. This was stated by the newspaper, the commander of the US Navy Michael Widmann.

According to the drill scenario, hackers “Crimsoni” at the deprived of other fictional state, “Beryllium”, cellular communication, water and energy. Also on the streets, “Beryllium” there are protesters, engaging in “subversive activities”. The finale of the exercise was the break-in of the NATO drone, which was crashed on the military base and killed several soldiers.

WP stressed that in Latvia, the users have experienced problems with cellular communications during the Russian military exercises in the Baltic Sea in April 2017. In many countries affected computer systems of governments, banks, mail, and other organizations. In the US blamed Moscow for the attack, but in the United States, the Rosneft, Bashneft, the Bank, home credit and other organizations. In the Kremlin deny the allegations. According to the head of the Ministry of Communications, Nikolay Nikiforov, in the case of a cyber attack, “the Ukrainian trace”.

The media learned Russian in the conditional enemy in military exercises in EstoniaDonald Trump (Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters)

Parisians pelted police with bottles and got gas response

About 40 thousand people (according to police estimates, 160 – according to the organizers) marched in Paris to protest against the President of France Emmanuel Makron. The protest was timed to the first anniversary of his coming to power.

The procession itself was calm and uneventful, however, on the place of La Bastille, radical youth began to rush on journalists. In a mobile TV Studio flew bottles.

Police arrested one of the thugs, the protesters began to demand his release. Police threw stones and bottles, so that law enforcement officers were forced to use tear gas.

The struggle continues, none of the parties active action is taken, reports RIA Novosti.

Down with the king! They do not need

Down with the king! They do not needMoscow, Pushkinskaya square, 5 may 2018

Andrey Pivovarov ("Open Russia"), Sergey Davidis ("Memorial" Konstantin Jankauskas ("Solidarity") in the discussion of nationwide protests "He’s not the king". Leading Elena Rykovtseva.

Full video version of the program

Elena Rykovtseva: What kind of events do you all know. It turns out that a lot of people do not want to be in the country. We will discuss with our guests how it happened, why it happened, how it began, how it ended. Andrei Pivovarov is with us, the new Chairman of the “Open Russia”, Konstantin Jankauskas, politician, activist, member of movement “Solidarity” Sergey Davidis, the society “memorial”. I’ll show you what happens on Malaya Dmitrovka street, I shot this right outside our building. Feast your eyes on these beautiful paintings, theatrical Moscow. People going to the theater, go past and are soldiers.

Elena Rykovtseva This movement of armed men was observed in the Malaya Dmitrovka all the last half hour, they chained up a long, long chain down the street. It turned out that they were not there, there was nobody there, there was a riot. Young people who were forced out of Pushkin. And so it happened. My eyes were these detentions, drove paddy wagons, and all who were not clean there, clean here. What are your impressions of today’s action? She was, I think, more numerous than usual.

Konstantin Jankauskas: I think it is not so much the number, the important fact that such shares are held. Because we expect the return of the whole country. That is, we expect six years of stagnation. In this situation, it is right that people come out, say, and we do not want to live. We do not want to live with this government of corruption, with this government of stagnation, with this government full of hopelessness, full of social degradation. Even if it’s people, two to three times, still, everyone who came out, would be very important and valuable. Because it is important in itself. You can disagree, write a post on Facebook, can work to talk about it, but if you enter the square is much more important. ,,,,,,. There were a lot of young people, again such a power, I really like the energy of freedom. That is the fact that people are detained in a fairly rough shape, still not that fun, but such a joy, that is, out free people. This is very important, very valuable.

Elena Rykovtseva: I’ll show you the Moscow shares like today’s Moscow shares. I made this video from the balcony of the cinema “Russia” where some time had passed the press.

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Elena Rykovtseva: We stood a few people, journalists, and suddenly, at some point, coming to us a group of “astronauts” and said: all over the balcony. I say, why these guys, these men continue to stand here? And there are several men in civilian clothes next to me along with other journalists. “But because it is our employees.” Next to the press stood and continued to watch the undercover officers would not be able to distinguish from any other. But there were many people. I do not remember getting out of the way. Sergey, your opinion about today’s action?

Sergey Davidis: People, I think, was comparable to the first action on March 26 last year. The density of people and the duration of the event. It is adequately about, it is not just about the publication of some movie, not another investigation that is important, and events that define the future of the country, unfortunately, in the years ahead. What is particularly outrageous is the people filed a notice for a peaceful demonstration. Obviously, no harm to people even held in Tver, although he considered other options along the boulevards, I think, would agree, a normal procession in the center. Reason is adequate to ensure that people are at the center of the process of carrying out a public action, expressed their opinion, not on the margins, not on the heel about three stations. Illegally denied approval, people are on the sidewalk, on the pedestrian zone. No way anybody do not cause harm to your stay, even if they have posters. Throw at people detained, displaced over and over again. This time we saw one unpleasant innovation, the legitimation of violence, not even the state, these idiotic Rogovtsev, mummers. And it provokes counter-violence. I’m afraid to be wrong. It is entirely the responsibility and fault of the state. The state without any reason violent to people, it’s a normal life in the city. We followed along Tverskaya, it is impossible to pass. Are the police the chain and do not give the normal people of their city to move around.

Elena Rykovtseva: NOD, as you said, we have these pictures, it really is real provocation. They would have to dissolve the idea of ​​the police. Let this unauthorized action, but you know, what type this action. And when you see these people with absolutely other slogans, it is clear that will clash, and they provoke them to this hassle.

Sergey Davidis: I do not think it is their spontaneous private initiative.

Elena Rykovtseva: Nod is led by the Deputy of the State.

Sergey Davidis: Consistent with government action. And also quite obvious double standards. If the pathetic placard “we are not a king,” catches the crowd of riot police, their flags, their whips, their posters do not cause any reaction. And those who were detained, got out to protest.

Elena Rykovtseva: Yesterday I was struck by the Interfax the message of the Moscow city hall: this is because of the Muscovites walk. They understand that people still come out, the traffic still stops. It stopped. First, there is no holiday, today is just Saturday, no walking in Moscow. May 1 at Pushkin square at 11 am well I flew the lone Petrel Zhirinovsky. Empty space, empty Tverskaya square, all went to the Red Square, the trade unions, empty empty Pushkin, go – do not want. Why are these people in the city hall so cling to their Tverskaya street?

Andrey Pivovarov: It seems to me that such cynicism of the municipality, which is trying to prohibit any event. Does not make sense to seek. I would argue with your thesis. Today we met three of us together, saw each other just a few hours ago, the square was full of smiling, hugging. In fact, whatever said the holiday was. We often talk about the police, about the arrest, Gopnik lucky with ribbons, which just kicks out from the crowd. We saw a huge number of people that came out, it was bright, mostly young faces. These were people who believed that what is happening in the country, they do not like. The feast we made ourselves. Therefore, the focus on this need. It was important, it was successful, it was awesome from the point of view of the content, from the perspective of the people. This event was held in Moscow, we are now in “Open Russia”. There are cities where it is more difficult to engage in social activities, because less press, less organization. Voronezh, people came to the police station, surrounded it and demanded the release of detainees is a civic act. In St. Petersburg people were trying to build barricades in the Nevsky Prospekt. That is, civil society, people understand that there is another six years of Putin’s regime take to the streets and say “no”. Six years ago, we carried out at the same time, March of millions in Moscow, the mood was less positive. Today people go out on the street, even understanding that the elections were out on the street, claim their rights. The fact that people today do not agree with this, arrange a celebration of democracy on the streets is very important, and it’s happening all over the country.

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Pashinyan spoke about several scenarios

“Block Out” Nikol Pashinyan said that there are “various scenarios of the action, and the timing of the early elections depends on each of them.” He said this at a press conference after a meeting with workers in the Armenian Parliament

“If I am elected Prime Minister at the time, when I see resurrection,” said Pashinyan.

He asked if the new Cabinet of Ministers to include representatives of the Republican Party of Armenia. It is noted that if elected the Prime Minister, the consensus Government will be formed on the political situation in the country. Also depends on it and hold early elections in Armenia, said Pashinyan. “There are several scenarios for early elections,” he said, without going into details.

Pashinyan spoke about several scenariosPhoto gallery

Pashinyan spoke about several scenarios

Pashinyan spoke about several scenarios

Thursday, may 3, it was reported that Nikol Pashinyan was re-nominated to the post of Prime Minister. He was supported by one of the deputies of the Armenian Parliament. On Tuesday, may 8, the Armenian parliamentarians will vote for a new Prime Minister. In that case they will not be able to choose according to the Armenian Constitution.

On Tuesday, may 1, the vote took place as Prime Minister. But then MPs are unable to choose the head of the Cabinet. To win Pashinyan had to recruit 53 votes, however, it voted 45 deputies. Wednesday, may 2, the Republican party, which holds 58 of the 105 seats in Parliament, refused to nominate its candidate for the post of head of the Cabinet.

In the base of the site “Peacemaker” hit 19 members of the constitutional court of Russia

The creators of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker” made in the database 19 judgments of the constitutional court of Russia, the report said information portal. The reason for this was “an attempt to legalize the annexation of Crimea.”

“These citizens in judicial robes, entered into a criminal conspiracy with the Kremlin’s elite, tried to legalize the annexation of the Crimea. the constitutional court, in the case of the Constitution of the Republic of Crimea.

In the database “Peacemaker” got all the judges of the constitutional court, including its Chairman Valery Zorkin. “Now they can be proud of, that are in the Purgatory next to other criminals.” For example, Motorola, Givi, “said the authors of the site.

Site “Peacemaker” was launched in 2014. The authors maintained the database of the resource persons they consider supporters “separatists” or “agents of the Kremlin”. In late March, the base of the “Peacemaker” was made the head of the Central Election Commission of Russia, Ella Pamfilova for the organization of presidential elections in the Crimea. In addition to the Russians in the field of the site and get citizens of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko and Verkhovna Rada Deputy Nadiya Savchenko.

In Glasgow, there was a March for Scottish independence

In Glasgow, there was a March for Scottish independence

In Glasgow held in March in support of Scottish independence. The organizer of the March, which was attended by 40 thousand people, – the Union All Under One Banner.

March of peace, in addition to the Scottish flags, the activists brought flags of Catalonia.

In 2017, the first Minister of Scotland and the leader of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon, said the need for a second referendum on the region’s independence. However, the early parliamentary elections in the UK, the Scottish national party, 21 of the 56 seats in the House of Commons of the British Parliament. Analysts have linked this fact with the active Sturgeon campaigning for a second referendum. Later Sturgeon said that now is not the time to hold a referendum on independence, reports TASS.

The first referendum on Scottish independence took place in 2014. 55% of voters voted for the Union in Edinburgh with London.

Putin is not called Grybauskaite on his in inuguration

Putin is not called Grybauskaite on his in inuguration

The President of Lithuania Dalia grybauskaitė was not invited to the inauguration of Vladimir Putin, said the portal Izinios with reference to the press service of the head of state. Not invited, and the country’s Ambassador to Moscow On Motuzas.

The inauguration of the President of Russia. Dress code – a dark suit and a dress of ordinary length, according to RIA Novosti.

Channel "Russia 24" the website Vesti.Ru will broadcast live the ceremony.

Vladimir Shevchenko: All the presidents we have appointed in our opinion. We at anybody did not cheated

Vladimir Shevchenko: All the presidents we have appointed in our opinion. We at anybody did not cheatedVladimir Shevchenko, former chief of the Protocol of Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin

– Vladimir Nikolaevich, this weekend I watched a video of almost all of our current openings. (The Incorrection of the President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev, on March 15, 1990 there were only eight.) The impression is that for almost two decades, the scenario that has developed you, changed not very much …

– Well, something is probably still changing … In our place.

– Look – during the inauguration of Vladimir Putin on 7 may 2000 the first on the scene was invited by the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin. And then through the front halls of the Grand Kremlin. And with this order is not changed. First predecessor, then the successor.

– Yes, the Foundation was left of our.

– And you with Yeltsin all these points discussed, right?

– Well, and how? Always, any inauguration – it was discussed. In parallel with the conduct of the elections.

Then there were new moments in the head of the state, of which, they were to be laid down, grateful for the service of the Armed Forces of Russia.

Then each time the procedure-in the Kremlin. Tuple with the newly elected President.

Vladimir Putin may 7, 2012 arrived on change to Dmitry Medvedev, right from "The white house" as I previously headed the government.

That is, the script of the ceremony is not a dogma, it can be interpreted as anything …

– Then tell me – is it true that now may 7, decided to abandon the motorcade of the newly elected in the desert (probably for security reasons) Moscow?

– We will not rush ahead, hurry, let’s wait and see. But the information goes, Yes. I think that I do not say anything. But in the General it will be like 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012, in St. Petersburg. Andrew, St. George and Alexander halls.

– And from overseas practice that we took when drafting the script of the inauguration?

– The only element that is at all is an oath on the Constitution. Well, someone has added to the Bible.

– That is a direct copy we have.

– No – we have no one.

– And the main form of the sample of 1812 – soldiers and officers? It ‘s abroad.

– But the form is ours. And cavalry, and Hiking. We with Boris Nikolayevich discussed. Plus – horse escort.

– And they say – supposedly the first party or reception after the inauguration will not.

– I did not remember when the Banquet was at the inauguration.

– And I also do not remember … On the Day of Russia, June 12, always pour.

– Russia day is another story. Are two different things.

– Right on Cathedral square and the tables were set with a different snack. And foreign guests did you call before?

– No, we never called. As a rule, at the coronation, Yes, the Royal family are there for each other invite. And to the inauguration – I do not remember anybody …


The inauguration of the President of Russia in 2018: when and where it will take place

Named the exact date of the inauguration of the President of Russia in 2018. The ceremony will take place May 7, 2018 in the Andreevsky Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace (details)

The Kremlin announced Putin’s meeting with Netanyahu may 9

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on may 9 will arrive in Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin. This is stated in the message.

The visit of the head of the Israeli government is in the nature of work, noted in the Kremlin. In addition, Netanyahu invited to the Victory Parade on red square.

The last communication between the leaders of Russia and Israel took place on 30 April. Then Netanyahu and Putin are discussing the Iranian nuclear program. In particular, the conversation touched made shortly before the accusations against Tehran, which Netanyahu said, secretly implementing a program “Amad” – the development of nuclear weapons and their means of delivery. The Prime Minister of Israel has stated that these allegations are based on the stolen intelligence “nuclear files” of Tehran.

Vladimir Putin’s meetings with Benjamin Netanyahu made several gifts to the leader of Israel. So, in August of 2017 during the meeting in Sochi, the Russian President gave Netanyahu a copy of the fragment from the Holy books of Judaism the Tanakh with commentaries of the medieval exegete Rashi. And in January it became known about another gift – the original of the letter of Oskar Schindler, which he wrote to his wife. German industrialist Schindler during the Holocaust, def., For the rescue of more than 1 thousand Jews from destruction.

Russia urged not to turn Afghanistan into a springboard igielski

Russia urged not to turn Afghanistan into a springboard igielski

First meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was held on Friday, May 4, in Beijing. It was attended by the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Russia Sergey Naryshkin.

As reported "Interfax" with the reference to the head of the press of the Bureau of the SVR, Sergei Ivanov, the meeting gave "their assessments of threats and challenges in the SCO". They talked about the intensification of the interaction between special services in combating international terrorism and security council of heads of SCO member States in the Chinese city of Qingdao.

Speaking at the meeting, the Director of the Russian foreign intelligence service was blamed for the increasing destabilization of the Middle East. In addition, Naryshkin urged to join efforts to prevent the transformation of Afghanistan into a springboard for LIH (banned in Russia) and other terrorist organizations.

The head of the RAF also held a number of bilateral meetings with the heads of the intelligence services of the SCO countries.