Masquerade in the garbage

It would seem that simple, but surely the formula of success: Assignment of the Italians is responsible for the outcome of the work on one of the most significant of Verdi’s works. But somehow everything just went wrong. First, it turned out that the Director and set designer Davide Livermore, has managed in one and the same time to release two productions of “don Pasquale” at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan and in the Bolshoi theater “the Ball”. So most of the time with the soloists. And place the conductor called to take a young and ambitious Giacomo Sagripanti, which is well-proven four-and-a-half years ago, working in a large number of Verdi’s Opera “don Carlos”. But apparently, the test of the “copper pipes” he could not stand, especially not having the experience of working on the costume ball, was not able to cope at all with Verdi’s score, no orchestra, no soloists.

Gustav III in 1792, during the masquerade ball in the Swedish Opera. Because of this, by the way, the Swedish monarch is still legally forbidden to appear in the Opera. The libretto was subjected to censorial editing. For the salvation of his creation, Verdi moved the action of the Opera in the New Light, and the king became a Governor. And he died for political reasons, but for the fact that I’m my friend’s wife. All very Opera, where love without a bloody denouement and not love at all.

But in the late 1970s, the Bolshoi Theater has the luck of the “costume ball”, where the beautiful scenery of Nicholas Benois went on the stage of the best of the best of several generations of Great Singers for this production. quarter of a century.

Now a team of soloists came to be extremely colorful. Weight invited singers, however, it’s not the first row. But if the group of “Bulgarian friends” baritone Vladimir Stoyanov (husband-cuckold Renato) and mezzo-soprano Nadia Krasteva in the role of the fortune teller Ulrica outstanding vocals and not shown, but peers still looked decent. But the Italian troops tenor Premier Giorgio Berruti (Governor Richard), Silvia Beltrami and Damian Mizzi (Ullrich and Oscar the page from the second part) the overall impression that we were invited from the charitable considerations of the fight against the European unemployment. Not in the form of turned out to be extra and appeared in the premiere part of the Ukrainian Oksana Duc (Amelia).

And such personnel decisions are not only discrediting the idea of ​​”guest performances”, which is unthinkable without a modern. The only one who deserves compliments is the Great Soloist, Anna Nechaeva (second Amelia) and a graduate of the Youth Program of the theater Nina Minasyan (page No. 1). Although they were not always accurate, especially in ensembles. But it is a reproach in the first place of conductor, which, oddly enough, is not able to convey the style of, to create the atmosphere of Italian Opera.

However, in the following autumn, a series of performances, subside with the wave of the premiere, the “first wind” in a different performing situation. For example, another of Verdi’s hits – “La Traviata” and “don Carlos” in the poster Large succeeded. Although in this case, one in the memory of him.

Hitchcock that the Director promised to bring to the show, in fact, he left the statement without any internal drama. Absolutely without hearing the music, he constantly enlivens the action, it is vanity resetimages, a huge crowd, “Chinese”, it is still some gamesmanship. But even this does not compare with its scenographic solution. The main element of the scenery is the building of the governor’s residence with its architectural shapes reminiscent of the Grand Theater. And in a key, the scene of the play, the love affair is revealed, and exposed the “belly” of the house, reminiscent of the landfill. And here opens a wide field for interpretations, far beyond the scope of art.

Maria Babalova –

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In Novorossiysk there was an earthquake of magnitude 4

An earthquake of magnitude 4 occurred in Novorossiysk in the Krasnodar Territory on the night of April 25. This is reported by the main department of the Ministry for Emergencies in the region.

The information was received on Wednesday after midnight. The epicenter was in the area of ​​the village of Natukhayevskaya at a depth of 80 kilometers, told the Emergency Situations Ministry.

It is specified that residents of Novorossiysk and Anapa felt minor tremors.

Victims and damages are not present as a result of the earthquake, there was no evacuation, life support facilities and the economy operate on a regular basis.

NAC: In Dagestan

9 militants liquidated in Dagestan during the counterterrorist operation on April 21. This was reported in the National anti-terrorist Committee.

“In the course of those in Dagestan, the neutralized nine bands,” – noted in the NAC.

According to intelligence, the bandits were going to “make diversionary-terrorist acts on may holidays”.

NAC: In Dagestan

During the fight, one officer wounded, among the civilian victims.

About the fight in Derbent became known today.

NAC: In Dagestan

Today, the FSB reported that the liquidated terrorists were preparing an attack on the government of Stavropol and local security officers.

At the Warsaw brutally slashed retiree

At the Warsaw brutally slashed retiree

On the Warsaw. Photo:

In St. Petersburg the police find out the circumstances of death of 60-year-old man. His body was found in the apartment of the house No. 63 on the Warsaw street.

As it became known "Moike78" the body was found the evening of 24 April. To the place of profit experts, they are fixed on the body of a pensioner multiple stab wounds all over the body.

We will remind that at night on April 23 in Murino between a woman and her lover had a quarrel. Before you start arguing, the young people drank.

Suspect arrested, victim in serious condition.

The list of victims in Moscow has grown to 17 people, in Obninsk collapsed masonry of the house

The number of victims is due to hurricane in Moscow.

The list of victims in Moscow has grown to 17 people, in Obninsk collapsed masonry of the house

On the evening of April 21 with reference to the Metropolitan Health Department reported to RBC. According to authorities, 14 people were hospitalized, including three children.

Sergey Sobyanin informed about 12 victims and one dead girl. It is also known in the suburbs of the Mytishchi district.

The list of victims in Moscow has grown to 17 people, in Obninsk collapsed masonry of the house

According to NTV, in Obninsk, the storm took out part of the buildings. Have got started to settle.

Peak, the peak to the bad weather.

In Obninsk, the storm took out part of the buildings. Some of the populated places of the house. On what it is all kept? AowTkrxmkq

The list of victims in Moscow has grown to 17 people, in Obninsk collapsed masonry of the house

– NTV (@ntvru) 21 APR 2018

RF MFA: Russia will not accept attempts by the military inspections of the Crimea in the framework of inspections of Ukraine

MOSCOW, April 24. / TASS /. Nation in the deployment of troops and equipment in the Crimea, which is part of its territory, and all attempts to conduct a military inspection on the Peninsula as part of the audit of the territory of Ukraine.

"The current status of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol as subjects of the Russian Federation are not subject to revision. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Are provocative and futile. Of course, Russia is ready to accept inspectors, observers and evaluation teams in Crimea, where the respective queries on the Vienna document"- said in comments the Russian foreign ministry in connection with the release of the U.S. state department report on the observance of agreements and obligations in the field of arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament.