The construction of the station “Davydkovo”

The construction of the station "Davydkovo"

In Moscow, they began to build a metro station "Davydkovo" Large ring line, the press service of the capital’s department of construction.

At the first stage, specialists take out engineering networks from the site of the construction site and install fences of the station pit.

The station will be located at the intersection of the Aminevskoye Highway and the Initiative Street in the western section of the Big Ring.

Completely construction of the Grand Ring Line of the Moscow Metro is planned to be completed by 2023. On the Big Ring there will be 31 stations, the total length of the line will be about 69 kilometers.

Chemezov: Siemens can take part in tender for supply of turbines for TPP in Taman

Chapter "Rosteha" Sergei Chemezov told reporters that the German concern Siemens will be able to take part in the tender for the supply of gas turbine equipment for TPPs "Shock" in Taman, the construction of which will be "Technopromexport".

Chemezov: Siemens can take part in tender for supply of turbines for TPP in Taman

"We will announce a tender [for the supply of gas turbine equipment], everyone can come, including Siemens, if they want"Chemezov quotes Tass as saying.

"Technopromexport" (structure "Rosteha") won the tender for the construction of TPP "Shock" with a capacity of 465 MW in Taman earlier in March 2018.

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Repair of the toilet bowl

Many of us have faced such a problem as a breakdown of the toilet tank drain. Agree, not a very pleasant situation, today I will tell you how to correct this situation with my own hands.

Repair of the toilet bowl

There are several types of breakdown tank, most often they happen in the form of water leaks into the toilet bowl, or even worse, on the floor of the toilet room. It also happens that the drain tank is not filled with water at all, or vice versa, the water is constantly being recruited into the tank.

First of all, you need to understand the principle of the tank.

Repair of the toilet bowl

The constant supply of water to the reservoir can be caused by several reasons:

skewing float

damage to the float itself

flaw in the float valve

If the cause is related to the skewing of the float, then it just needs to be carefully aligned and returned to the place, if the float or valve itself has become unusable, then, there is no way to do without replacement.

If your tap is open and no water enters the tank, you should check that the float adjustment is not broken, if the float is normal, and the water does not run into the reservoir, check the integrity of the hose.

Well, the most common failure, the tank does not hold water, and it constantly flows into the bowl of the toilet. To eliminate this breakdown, you will have to tinker with a little, namely, if the tank is compact, you need to drain the water from the tank, take out the siphon unit, detaching the hook from the upper rod of the siphon. The lifting plate and the stem slide along the guides. Replace the damaged diaphragm on the valve with a new one. Collect the siphon and install it, observing the reverse order. If the plastic tank hanging off from the toilet, you need to drain all the water from the tank, remove the lid of the tank, unscrew the nut connecting the pipe to the tank itself. Be sure to loosen the siphon nut, get out the old membrane and replace it with a new one. Then replace the entire tank in the reverse order. Adjust the water level in the tank.

Instagram: Half-naked Maxim Galkin wished fans good night video in the bathroom

Maxim Galkin showed Instagram subscribers a piquant video from the bathroom, showing how easily he “managed” to be left without a leather jacket and pants in a matter of seconds, and instead be wrapped up in a bath towel and with a toothbrush in his hands. Not so IT-focus, as the half-naked humorist excited the fans and forced them to express their opinion about what was left in the comments.

Instagram: Half-naked Maxim Galkin wished fans good night video in the bathroom

The fans praised the 41-year-old Maxim Galkin for his excellent figure and a wonderful sense of humor, which enabled him, using the possibilities of video editing, to record an extraordinary video in the bathroom, giving him, along with humor, a sexy tint. “Good night!” – Laconically signed a half-naked artist published in Instagram material, which in just over a day viewed over 1.2 million Internet users.

Earlier, Maxim Galkin spoke about the new “pregnancy” of Alla Pugacheva’s wife.

Mansard: nest under the roof

Mansard: nest under the roof

Previously, the attic – housing under the roof – was considered the lot of the poorest families. Today, such square meters are not cheaper than conventional ones. Free planning and lack of neighbors on the sides attract many. Well, to make an attic apartment is not so difficult –

enough good thermal insulation and interesting design.

However, when designing it is necessary to remember the peculiarities of such a room. Sloping walls, a ceiling of different heights and inclined windows require certain rules of interior decoration. Therefore, it is so important for the beginning to determine what exactly will be located in the attic:

Bedroom the best use of such premises. First find the place for the bed: it’s best to put it head to the low wall and, if possible – next to the window: so you can admire the sunsets and the starry sky.

One of the difficulties in arranging furniture in the attic – how to place the necessary things, if you can not put standard wardrobes? Choose modular storage systems: they can be ordered at the height you need. And if the furniture is chosen according to the color of the walls, the lockers will be almost invisible.

Another option for using the attic is a nursery. As a rule, children only dream about getting a place under the roof. When arranging the furniture, pay attention to the fact that a completely different principle must be used here. The bed is pushed with the butt (not the headboard) and set at the high wall. If the ceiling height allows, you can arrange a loft bed, and below it is a playing area. Place under the window let it take a desk. At a smaller wall, as in the case with an adult bedroom, you can arrange storage systems: a low shelf for toys, a children’s wardrobe or chest of drawers.

The vaulted ceiling can be successfully beaten, if you use the bed to fix the canopy, and the curtains on the windows can be pulled in the form of sails.

Nice looks in the attic and bathroom. However, it is important that it was introduced into the project at home from the very beginning of construction, then it will not be difficult to mount the plumbing.

Author: Ivan Trofimov

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