Petersburg bikers opened in the afternoon. Hundreds of motorcycles kicked off from the walls of the Hermitage via Nevsky sped away in the direction of the Fairgrounds, behind the Palace to the military. The occasion this time was nervous.

Bikers Petersburg opened the season at the closed Palace

As the correspondent of “Fontanka”, at noon, the Palace square was transformed into a realm of steel and leather, while the riders began to gather to the place before the stated time of collection. Almost two hours of citizens, those who managed to pass the blocked area could be photographed with motorcycles of different types and brands, and at the same time to enjoy the upcoming review of the military. They came to the area from Millionnaya street.

This year’s participation takes place in the city of Smolny, was organized by the Smolny Institute and the Association of “Riders of St. Petersburg” with the support of Motosave. Behind the pillar is the traditionally seen after the traffic police and the security company “Titan”. Lead it fell by lot to the club called The Hooligans MC. The number of participants was not able to assess: say, five thousand.

    Bikers Petersburg opened the season at the closed Palace

The cavalcade began from the Palace at 14:00 and the noise went to Nevsky Prospekt, so after half an hour to finish at Vasilievsky island. At the Fairgrounds lovers of motorcycles waiting for the concert: a Comedy prank, electrobiological, funk and, of course, Russian rock. The companions of Alexander Surgeon Zaldostanov in the official opening is not involved. “Night wolves” has appointed an alternative celebration on may 12, giving residents another opportunity to see a lot of two-wheeled techniques and colorful riders.

We will remind that in the afternoon of May 5, despite the holiday season, the bikers had a hard time. The safety measures were strengthened so that the motorcyclists, leaving the palace without bikes could not go back on foot – had to find the passenger seat of his comrades.


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