Keep the money at home? Or offshore? Cartoonist Sergei Elkin sympathetic to Russian oligarchs, to whom the thing has a hard choice between plague and cholera.

Between Russia and offshore companies - which suffer from the oligarchs

Oligarch pulls back across the border, a bag of money. With one hand behind him being chased by a bear in a fur hat, on the other – flying cowboy Lariat (caricature)

  • Between Russia and offshore companies - which suffer from the oligarchsRussian policy in the cartoons

The context

The oligarchs of Russia are kept in the British offshore 34 billion pounds

Russian oligarchs have parked in the British offshore five times more money than in the UK. The bulk of these funds located in the British virgin Islands, the newspaper reported Sunday Times. (30/04/2018)

The Council of Europe experts: Corruption and the shadow economy "wash" money from Ukraine

The Ukrainian authorities must do more and more severely punish senior officials involved in money laundering, according to experts of the Council of Europe. (01/30/2018)


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