The Pioneer publication publishes an article that says that India will acquire five S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia before a bilateral meeting of the leaders of the two countries. It is known that the negotiations between Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) will be held in October this year. The article itself in the publication is called “Moment of the triumph of air defense”, playing also the Russian name of the S-400 SAM system – “Triumph”.

Beijing accelerated New Delhi on the S-400. And what about the program "Made in India"?

The publication details the numerous advantages of the Russian air defense system over other similar systems. At the same time, it is once again raised the question that the Indian authorities will also have to take measures to bypass the anti-Russian sanctions announced by the United States.

The foreign press does not hide the fact that India has made a final decision on the acquisition of S-400 from Russia after these anti-aircraft missile systems put the PLA in Beijing. India has been watching for a long time (which is becoming the norm for New Delhi), what kind of decision will be taken abroad (in this case in China), now it is trying to catch up and get Russian SAM in conditions of international geopolitical and military instability.

In India, emphasize that the importance of modern and effective SAMs in the world’s armies has multiplied many times. At the same time, India no longer declares its desire to receive a full set of technologies, because in this case it is unlikely that the Russian manufacturer will do it.


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