Rhetoric of our president has recently changed seriously … Or rather, he almost stopped making serious statements on the situation in Syria, on confrontation with the United States and the countries of the anti-Russian coalition. And this is a very disturbing symptom.

At the limit: "Russia has frozen at the point after which it will be impossible to roll back the situation with the West"

Yes, you can relate to the expression "When Putin is silent, the West is getting nervous". But the situation is different now, unlike in 2014-2016. Russia was taken into ticks. And each time trying to press on "handles" stronger, in the hope of capitulation.

It’s a very disturbing feeling … It seems to me that right now Russia has stopped at the point after which it will be impossible to roll back the situation. Well, at least without huge reputational losses. And this is at least. In an unsuccessful prospect, we can lose the country and get a bunch of souvenir states.

The latest events, following a string one by one, build a very clear picture. The West is using all possible means to discredit Russia, to deprive it of the legitimate opportunity to use military and diplomatic force in the world arena.

The Salisbury incident, the chemical provocation in the Duma, the missile strike of the coalition … and another blow of the coalition, much more successful (two Syrian bases were destroyed, more than 30 military servicemen were killed), all of them are balls in one basket, where Russia is allocated an unenviable role.

Add to this the statements of the Americans about the beginning of the air operation against the IG (banned in the Russian Federation) by the forces of an aircraft carrier group that has come to the Mediterranean Sea.

You understand, who will actually be trying to bomb the US, under the cover of an operation "Unshakable determination". Add to this the exercises of NATO troops starting in the Black Sea "Marine Shield"…

Mites press on Russia, tighten … strong opposition is needed.

Alas, the West understands only the language of power. He actually acts from this position. And every time we are silent, he grows insolent even more.

It is unpleasant. But I am sure that the Russian Federation will not ignore and counteract the collective provocations of the Western "partners".

I do not know who, how, and personally I have, the inner patience is at the limit.

And on the whole, I am very glad that among our military and in power there are cold heads that do not act rudely. They weigh, assess the consequences and then "beat", extracting the maximum benefit from an unpleasant situation for Russia.

At the same time, I want to wish our president a clear mind, a cold and not prejudiced analysis of events … and decisive actions in upholding Russia’s sovereignty.

Yes, patience is running out. Even the most patient can not stand, calling for more rapid and hard answers to the West. But, Russia does not have the right to make a mistake. In fact, she alone stands against a pack of countries that are just waiting to cling to the defenseless side of a bear.

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