The Prime Minister held the last meeting of the government. May 7 – on the day of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration – the Cabinet of Ministers will resign

Dmitry Medvedev (Photo: Marat Abulhatin / TASS)

At the last meeting of the government of the current composition, customs regulation and insurance in agriculture were discussed. This was at the open part of the meeting told Dmitry Medvedev, the correspondent of RBC.

The prime minister did not mention the rapid change in the composition of the government, which should occur within two weeks after the inauguration of the president (she

will be held on May 7). In theory, the government can meet for the current composition again, but the posts of its members will be with the prefix “acting”.

On Thursday, the Cabinet discussed amendments to the law on customs regulation, providing for the transition to “electronic” customs, Medvedev said, to declare the goods can be electronically, and their release from customs will be automatic. In addition, the period for making decisions on the classification and origin of goods (from 90 to 60 days), the release of goods (from 24 to 4 hours), the primary information on the declared can be provided in English.

“The ability to pay fees and taxes will appear in third parties, which should be convenient for those who order goods for personal use,” Medvedev added. In addition, with “diligent work” the amount of collateral for operations can be reduced from € 1 million to € 150 thousand.

Another topic of the government meeting was agricultural insurance, which saves business: although the state provides support to the regions in this direction, it remains unclaimed, and then from the reserve fund of the government it is necessary to allocate money for compensation of damage, Medvedev said. The new regulation will expand the list of objects of insurance and reduce the insurance amount, which is set in the contract, the prime minister noted.

At the meeting, the government also considered the allocation of an additional 16 billion rubles. to increase the minimum wage (SMIC). Previously, 20 billion rubles have already been allocated for these purposes. Speaking in the State Duma with a report on the work of the government on April 11, Medvedev announced an increase in appropriations to 36 billion rubles. Another 6 billion rubles. from the reserve fund of the government will go to support the development program for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 family of aircraft.

At the last meeting of the Cabinet, Medvedev spoke about the customs and farmersNikol Pashinyan (Photo: Asatur Yesayants / RIA Novosti)


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