In the last days of last year, I threw the first article in a series of texts about young talents, where he told about Soler, Augustin and Kovnacki. These five months I watched them and relished that I did not miss: MJ is still watching the Spaniard closely, while Augustin knocked out of the Europa League "Zenith", and David Kovnatski recently made his debut for the adult national team of Poland in the match against Nigeria, making it, incidentally, together with another guy, whom I also watch since the last year’s youth mundialya – Przemyslaw Frankowski, which, I think, also still have time to tell . I will be able to finally squeeze the fruits of the first issue only in the autumn, when this trio will announce itself in the transfer market, but now it is possible to emphasize the first results and make it an additional motivation, and therefore my only claim to the past text is its rating. There are now just under 30 pluses, and I, spoiled by the success of my articles about "Seville", "Milan", "Zenith", waited a little more, so now continue this topic will be a little risky. I again have a chance not to receive a feedback, but as you can see, I took a chance, so if you like this text – do not hesitate to evaluate it and follow links in the post-scriptum.

Okay, that’s enough trouble trying, I’ll get down to business. No matter how much they laughed at Lacazette at the Arsenal now, I think no one will deny that Lyon has anything to do with the academies: in recent years, in addition to Alexander, one can recall at least Samuel Umtiti, as well as Clorentine Tolisso, Benzema, yes and Anthony Marcial started his career not in “Monaco”, but in “Lyon”. I told stories about how everything was not surprising to anyone, but I honestly was very perplexed when I did not see a single text about who could easily replace the same Tolisso and seriously interested in Barcelona, ​​about a new “diamond” , as friends and partners call it, this beautiful academy. Well, it’s time to fix the situation!

Ossem Auart

At the age of 8 he played steeper in the courtyard, and now he wants "Barcelona". Two more super-talented midfielder

Age: 02.01.1997 (20 years old)

Position: CM | LM | AM

Country: France

Pupil: "Lyon"

Club: “Lyon”

Height / weight: 175/70

Working leg: right

Transfer fee *: 25 million euros

Contract: until 30.06.2020

Goals **: 5

Transfers **: 5

* – according to the conditional data of the portal “Transfermarkt”

** – for the season 2017/2018

If you look at the photos of Aura from the profile in Instagram, you will hardly think that he was born in a family of poor Algerian migrants who had to work in a restaurant near the house – in the suburbs of Lyon. What could happen if the eight-year-old Ossema was not given to the football school “Wienerbahn” is hardly worth discussing, because the fate of the football player was clearly intended for this kid: he was forced to give his son to the parents’ section what he played in his yard in his own yard with teenagers twice more mature than him and easily wound them, as well as now defenders of the League.

The team from the suburb of the same name, led by our hero today, began to achieve success in the city championship and the guy immediately began to monitor the scouts of the main club of Lyon, where Ossem eventually passed after three years. From the few interviews that I managed to find on the Internet, it can be concluded that the great contribution to the current success of the player was made by his parents, in particular his mother, who always (and still) took him from training sessions and matches, motivated and supported, which together with Aura’s innate talent resulted in success on the field: the nickname “diamond” ideally symbolizes how the guy was sensitive and anxious, afraid of losing such a preciousness, the club was leading to adult football. Ossem was the best in every age of the team, and all the scouts, coaches and people who knew the cuisine of French youth football knew about it long before the French Super Cup 2016/17, when the name “Auar” appeared in the application of “Lyon” for the match, and games with AZ in the same season, when Ossem first appeared on the field as a basis.

Awesome appeared in the youth league of Champions Aouar appeared in that season on the field of League 1 a couple of times, but he really got his real chance just now, after leaving Bavaria Clorentin Tolisso, and took advantage of it!

At the age of 8 he played steeper in the courtyard, and now he wants "Barcelona". Two more super-talented midfielder

To become an unconditional player of the basis of Osss did not work out, since the head coach "Lyon" Bruno Genezio loves to rotate midfield and shuffle schemes, in some of which places our hero today is not. For example, choosing a 4-3-2-1 for the match, with Fekir playing the dozen, and leaving behind two supporting ones, the French coach prefers the more tenacious Luca Tuzar and the more physically strong Tangi Ndombele, although they are almost the same age as Awara. Yes, he did not become irreplaceable, but it hardly saddens him, for he has received his two thousand minutes of playing time for the year, and for the first full season in adult football this is not so little!

At the age of 8 he played steeper in the courtyard, and now he wants "Barcelona". Two more super-talented midfielder

If in 4-2-3-1 “leader” of the lions is Nabil Fekir, then in his absence and transition to a scheme with three central midfielders, this role is partly taken by Awar. With ppositional defense, as in the screenshot above, the “Lyon” is located as compactly as possible, leaving only the pressure-pressing Mariano Diaz in the central circle, and the Tuzar-NDombele-Auar triple moves more densely, moves the “train” as the ball moves, but the opponent should make a mistake , slow down or go a certain threshold, as Aouar, together with the winger out of the general system and actively presses the players, “Marcel”, which gave its results: energetic, with fire in his eyes, Ossem made in the first 15 minutes already two interceptions and, as in the 18th without a second thought went into combat again, and put on the yellow Florian Tovena, which ultimately resulted in 10 won combats, 4 steals and successful selection, although called Auar player language does not turn to the defensive plan.

At the age of 8 he played steeper in the courtyard, and now he wants "Barcelona". Two more super-talented midfielder

When "Lyon" takes the ball and goes into the attack, Lucas Tuzar descends closer to the central defenders, while the extreme ones move forward, and the space between them and the winger takes Aur and Ndombele, which we see in the screenshot below. In general, Ossem is clearly not a classic centerhall who, playing an important role in the build-up team (90 minutes on the season, an average of 46 transmissions with an accuracy of 85%, besides xGBuildUp90 from our Frenchman at the level of a well-known raspasovschika, like Nemanja Matich (0.35)), is not afraid to take responsibility for himself and move to the flank, go to dribbling, which gives a total of 2-3 successful strokes per game. He stuffs most of the buildup on the left-insider position (14 assists out of 42 in the match against Marcel), creating one or two chances for the partners with his key handovers, but sometimes he, as I said, gets bored of the role of the drawn playmaker and he breaks into the penalty area, but also, it happens, shifts to a shock position, due to what has already managed to fill five goals in League 1. By the way, if you disassemble the goal of Au’ar "To Marseilles" more, it is worth noting the ability of Ossem to search for zones and to be unfastened from rivals: the fact that the football player of the hosts, who should close the semiflane, rushed off into the penalty area and forgot about Auar – it could be attributed to a single mistake, but this happens for the first time. Look our goal "scorer" "Amiens": again a dynamic counterattack, Auar is again shifted to the flank and is unfastened from the extreme defender, he is again transferred, and he beats. It beats, maybe, not so effectively, as in the derby, but not less effective.

At the age of 8 he played steeper in the courtyard, and now he wants "Barcelona". Two more super-talented midfielder

I sum up all the above: Auar is a non-standard, versatile central midfielder who plays an important role in advancing attacks, has both attacking and defensive talents, likes to move to the flank. It sounds, you will agree, rather tempting, but as you know, in any barrel of honey there must be a fly in the ointment, without it, anywhere: the main minus of Ossem is not the most heroic anthropometric data, due to which he, despite all tenacity and courage, lost a lot (two times more than won). Whether it will interfere with him depends on where he will play: Aura can not just be taken and shoved into a random club, it needs to be integrated into the team’s system accurately and reverently, just as the processed, cut "diamond" – A diamond, only then Auar will be able to shine in all its power.

Where exactly?

Object interest in Ossem was from the side "Barcelona" and "Liverpool", which, despite all the last transfers, still have certain questions to the center of the field: "Barca" prepares for a life without Andres Iniesta, who is probably already dreaming of retiring, and "Liverpool" tries to find a replacement for Coutinho, who went to the same Catalans. Both proposals are really tempting, and the style of the game matches our team "Lyon diamond", but on the site of Au’ar I would not hurry up with the departure from Lyon. Korenten Tolisso, for example, who now stars in "Bavaria", did not hurry to leave, having stayed in the main team "lions" four seasons before he went on promotion in the class: he was able to draw this notorious football "meat", gain experience and experience problems "second season", without leaving the comfort zone and without risking to sit out his playing youth on the bench. Perhaps, this is exactly what is needed for Ossem, he is only 19 years old – there is nowhere to hurry, everything is still ahead, but in a year or two …

Pablo Fornals

At the age of 8 he played steeper in the courtyard, and now he wants "Barcelona". Two more super-talented midfielder

Age: 22.02.1996 (22 years old)

Position: RM | AM | CM

Country: Spain

Pupil: "Malaga"

Club: “Villarrella”

Height / weight: 178/67

Working leg: right

Transfer fee *: 25 million euros

Contract: until 30.06.2022

Goals **: 3

Transfers **: 8

* – according to the conditional data of the portal “Transfermarkt”

** – for the season 2017/2018

The second hero today comes from Spain, from the beautiful sunny city of Castellón de la Plana on the very coast of the Balearic Sea, which, just like Aouar, began its way precisely with domestic fights, ball games in the sand on the luxurious local beaches, and he came to football only when he was a schoolboy, when his father moved to work in a small town Benicasim, halfway from Castellón to a city where, in the future, the youngster will also light up in favor of the La Liga club, Villarreal. I’m talking, of course, about Pablo Fornals. First T-shirt bright yellow with a letter "V" he put on after a year of playing in Benicasim: yes, it was this chubby in the lower right corner in the photo that was doomed to become a new star of the Spanish midfield.

At the age of 8 he played steeper in the courtyard, and now he wants "Barcelona". Two more super-talented midfielder

The path to this, however, was not as smooth as we would have liked: Pablo retired from the academy to a youth team from his native city – "Castellón", and the system of the club La Liga returned only at the final age – in "Malaga", where he began his adult career. He began it, by the way, quite brightly: coming on as a substitute in the match with "Real" on Santiago de Bernabéu, after a couple of matches he became a baseman and in that season took part in 26 more meetings. He did not brag about the performance of a special one, but within a year he broke through: 6 goals + 3 assists. Fornals in his 20 years became the main creative worker "Malaga", showing beyond the years the mature ability to open up and look for opportunities to strike. If it turned out to be done, then he was put and flew such banks, as, for example, in the gates "Seville". According to Pablo, this is his best career goal so far, although "parachute" For the back of Keiror Navas this season, to which we will definitely return, is also very much nothing.

At the age of 8 he played steeper in the courtyard, and now he wants "Barcelona". Two more super-talented midfielder

After an impressive Pablo season for "anchovies" "Villarreal" came to his senses and returned his pupil, although he threw away for this club from the sunny Andalusian town 12 million euros – a lot of money for a player who did not have a full-fledged notorious "second season", even by the standards of modern football, but it seems that "Submarine" especially does not grieve and hopes to win from its sale an amount that exceeds in times this clausula.

In general, if we are talking about transfers "Villarrella" last summer, we should note their aggressiveness, which is only signing Ruben Semed and Enes Unal for about the same money. True, the result for solid "Submarines" Only Fornals gave the costs, because the Turks, who gave enormous hopes after "Twente", even claimed to GoldenBoy, eventually went to rent in "Levante", and the Portuguese central den Semed exchanged a place on the field for a place behind bars, beaten and kidnapped some poor fellow, which led to a reduction in the transfer value of a worthless gangster from 20 million euros to a few thousand in the same currency. So, we can say that Pablo is blown away on the field "El Madrigal" for three, coping with this on "Hooray"!!

At the age of 8 he played steeper in the courtyard, and now he wants "Barcelona". Two more super-talented midfielder

Having managed to praise Pablo in every possible way, I never told him about his functional on the field: he is the most real free artist who, while inside the attacking pentagon in the 4-1-2-1-2 scheme, is constantly looking for free zones to continue attacks. Spaniard, like a magnet, and if the ball hits him – it becomes hot. Receiving a transfer from the depths, Fornals by his opening cuts off usually several players of the opposing team, and if I were not so lazy and counted the picking of matches "Villarreala", you would have seen it, but take a word – if this guy was not born in Castellon, and somewhere under Naples – the Italian fans would call him "trekwart", a man who will find a loophole even in the most fused defensive line. The situation with the raised hand away from the opponent is usual for him, that together with the killer (the fifth in the league) indicator xA in the seven-odd expected assistants for the season and 0.28 per match (like for Kroos, for example) gives us, as claimed in the title , super talented and perspective attacking midfielder, and you have not yet seen his technique and the way he moves to the flank.

The latest version of Flash Player is required to view videos.

Only in the championship of Spain Pablo gave already 9 assists (only three less than Messi), and he has 4 more matches for which he can improve his score, and I’m ready to bet he will do it! You just see how this guy goes from guardianship to the flank, gets the ball and makes a lumbago on the dzubopodobnogo Bacamba – the ball at the gate "Seville". I’m like a fan "rohibiblancos", I suffered a lot from Fornals and write these lines, and my heart is filled with blood: it’s easier for Pablo to break such unorganized protection as we do for Pablo than for the user of the telegraph to circumvent the ILV block. He has for this in addition to speed, vision of the game is also a technique, for which he is called in his homeland, not only as "the new Cazorla". He rivals the rivals, of course, not as often as Santi in his best years, but does it with taste, and his graceful strokes are just something. I already led goals in the goal "Seville" and "Real Madrid", but trust me, just open the thread of his heads on YouTube and you’ll get stuck – Pablo can beat from afar, but he does it aimlessly and does not squander the team’s moments in vain, deciding to strike only when he catches the goalkeeper on an unsuccessful position.

At the age of 8 he played steeper in the courtyard, and now he wants "Barcelona". Two more super-talented midfielder

Auar – yellow, Fornals – green

If we compare Pablo with our first hero, we can see that Auar plays a larger role in the buildup, in the conduct of the game, but in the last phase of the attack, it is Fornals that is better. If you and I, the dear reader, were sitting on the coaching bridge of the team of the best undervalued young players, then we would build a game in midfield with a rhombus, like Ancelotti, then its peak would be a Spaniard, and the Frenchman would be on the left in the middle. If we find, and I think that we will do it in the following texts, a good destroyer, and on the right we will put already familiar Carlos Soler, then we will be able to play a beautiful attacking football with high pressure, for that Russell that Pablo is always practicing on the defensive, for which is why the Spaniard has a pretty good defensive record for his role – 2 selections on average for 90 minutes.

Praising Fornals, I should have noted some minuses in his game, but, honestly, I did not notice anything serious. Yes, maybe he could go more into dribbling with his technique, but should this be considered a minus? He, in contrast to Au’ar, had already overcome "second season", having managed to show good football for different teams. Pablo is on the way step-by-step, and the main thing for him now is not to sit on the bench, if he decides to go to the team level above.


Behind "Castellonian miracle" in recent years, carefully monitored "Arsenal", but given that now there is going to be a difficult restructuring, Pablo and his agent will have to think twice before moving to London to his idol Cazorla, for it is important to build a relationship with the coach who will come there. Most preferably now it looks like the option to stay in "Villarreal", because now the club is experiencing a revival, and Pablo can become one of his symbols. Everyone remembers the pragmatic "Submarine" with Pellegrini at the helm, which reached the semifinals of the Champions League 05/06, but after that draw the club’s results in the main European tournament went downhill: the quarter-finals in the season 08/09 and the flight from the same "Arsenal", and then finally the last place in the group with zero points in the season 11/12. After that the club passed, as they say in our country, "cleansing" and swung back to the elite of the continental football. In this season "Villarreal" with a large margin took the fourth place in La Liga, which gives him the right to pass the first qualification in the Champions League since the failure seven years ago. Playing in the local stadium in the Champions League, getting a chance to announce yourself to the whole world, beating grandees to the accompaniment of the fans chanting your name is the dream of any boy that Fornals will get if he stays in the "Villarreal". After all the difficulties that he went through, changing youth teams, risking getting lost in the stream of no less talented peers, I think it’s very symbolic and beautiful.

In the framework of the search for young players we have already found five wonderful players, and I really want to collect a full team, but for this I need your help. Put the pluses and go to our VKontakte group, vote in the polls that determine the fate of the blog, read the texts that were not included in the Sports, and advise in the comments, who else can be considered in the next issue. How do you, for example, the option to disassemble a bunch of future centerbacks of the French national team Langle-Kimpembe?

Thank you!


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