At night in Petersburg the bridge on Malaya NeveTuchkov Bridge. Photo: Wikipedia

In St. Petersburg, drivers on the night of April 27 will not be able to use the Tuchkov Bridge. The crossing will be divorced.

This is reported by St. Petersburg State Bank "Mostotrest". Tuchkov Bridge will be closed for traffic from 02:00 to 02:55 Moscow time and from 03:35 to 04:55 Moscow time.

Recall that on the night of April 26 in St. Petersburg bred four bridges: Dvortsovy, Blagoveshchensky, Tuchkov and Birzhevoy.

In St. Petersburg navigation on the Neva and the Little Neva opened on April 10. On the rivers and the channel the ships were allowed to run from April 20.

Due to the fact that Volgo-Balt does not apply for passage of caravans of ships, bridges in the Northern capital are bred in the framework of technological checks.


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