In St. Petersburg have found a way to increase the construction area. Pioneers in the Gay Village, in the “biography” which was not without Gypsies and Germans.

As Thalmann failed history Plotnikova

City Commission on Land Use and Development (CSS), including requests to change the status of sites in the city, allowing to call their areas “historic areas” . In fact, the meaning of the building area.

The most striking example of such schemes can be found in the Funny Village. The company “Bickaroo-a Car” owns a plot of 1.6 hectares on the street Telmana 37, and still used it for a workshop of cars. The building stands here since 1989, the district has been built with new apartment blocks and severely “compacted”: residents complain of shortage of places in kindergartens. The owners of the site, looking around, decided to use expensive land for HUNDRED and inefficient. HUNDRED shareholders Bikar-AUTO, the decision was made to design and construction at the site of an apartment building., Directly next to the land from the side of the street, and the block the passage is residential development (territorial area T3Z2). is located in the territorial zone TD-1-2-1 in the area of ​​the peripheral areas of the city where multifamily residential development is.

If the plot falls into a zone where multifamily residential buildings are not subject to the same rules as 50% of its territory. The remaining part can be constructed, for example, a kindergarten (in recent years this is usually and used URVI). But if “multifamily residential development” in the use of tersone, the area of ​​houses can be increased almost twice, if the project will comply with the other permitted parameters. And one of the territorial areas where multifamily development is the main type, is the area of ​​TD 1-1 – “public-business zone development and residential houses located on the territory of the historically established regions “. OOO “Bikar-Auto”.

The gay Village in the late nineteenth century was a German settlement, named Merry Colony. Likely a name of the German Communist Ernst Thaelmann came in the local toponymy just because of this (until 1956 called the street just up the road in the gay Village). In the area, even stood a Church, it was demolished in 1935. According to another version, “fun” came into the name because of the stick here Gypsy encampments. But it is just a pedantic Germans or gay Gypsies a hundred years ago imagined how their story will be used in the business in the XXI century.

To prove that the site actually has any significant past, the developer turned to the experts. “By the results of the conducted historical and urban studies of this site, done by” Lenstroykeramika “, concluded that in the study area city, “says Andrey Katykhin, the Director of Bikar-Avto (the word” historically, “he identified himself., – Approx. ed.).

OOO “Lenstroykeramika” headed by St.Petersburg. St. Petersburg scholar of architecture, a member of the Association of Experts Vladimir Trushkovsky, KGIOP. In conversation with the “Fontanka” he said he really signed the certificate about the history of this place. Work was carried out by the order of “Bikar-Auto”. However, the expert was surprised at what his work was used. “We did the historical and urban planning to study the stages of the development of this territory.” Until 1965 there was a wooden dwelling house, the territory of the military camp was near a German settlement from the second half of the nineteenth until the early twentieth century. We studied the development of the territory on the basis of archival sources. “

“The Committee in the letter No. 01-26-93 / 18-0-1 from 30 January 2018 and took note of the findings of the historical and urban studies and the limits of its competence, has no objection to amending the town planning regulations of the territory “, – is in the application of Mr.. Katukina. The same is confirmed by the sources of “Fontanka” in the Commission on land use. According to sources, the Chairman of the Committee, Alexei Mikhailov at the meeting on April 20, said that his Department.

In the end, the Smolny agreed with the arguments for the developer and agreed to change the area to “historical” TD 1-1. The architectural appearance of the new houses has been agreed with the CAC, the district administration, changes in the objects, specified in the application Katukina. The developer proposes to fit on 1.6 hectares, in addition to housing, built-in a kindergarten with 80 seats and a Parking lot. Sam Andrew Katykhin on the conversation with the “Fontanka” time has not yet been found.

“Bikar-Avto” is not the only Builder in town that uses a similar scheme. The Commission agreed with the rationale for the historicity of 5.8 hectares on Vitebsk Avenue, 15 (near Kuznetsovskaya street), and almost 9 ha on Peat road, 17, of the company Setl City. Land at the Vitebsk has already received a zone D in the General Plan (public and business buildings with the inclusion of residential buildings and engineering infrastructure). And, in the rules of land, the use of nearly all six acres and remained in the subzone, TPD1-1 (subzone manufacturing facilities, warehouse use, engineering infrastructure IV and V hazard classes, public and business development located on the territory of the historically established districts of the Central part of St. Petersburg and on the territory with insufficient transport accessibility. You need to bring in the General Plan and land use and development rules in accordance with the application. The more “historical cultural studies” confirmed that these lands were developed in the XVII-XX centuries together with the historical part of St. Petersburg. Probably under the “historical part” refers to is located next to the Aeronautic Park. Thus, concluded the developer, there should be installed the same area 1-1 TD. With regard to the land at Peat road, 17 (Primorsky district), and here, as stated in the application Setl City, that was determined that the area was developed “historical part” (possibly means located near Serafimovskoye cemetery). And that means that it requires a change in the territorial zone. Smolny both applications were agreed.

20 April Approval in areas with residential development as the main type of usage received in Smolny several developers. The only difference is that they are not on historical arguments. The AAG group of companies, holder of almost 3 hectares of land in a fruit, 10, agreed residential zone TD-1-1-1 TD 1-2_2 is wrong. In the application, the developer wrote that it “will eliminate the different functional areas of the development and will create the opportunity of forming a single residential zone”. Another application filed FE Alexander Shestakov (President of the holding company “the First furniture factory”), who has recently received a public figure from the speaker of Vyacheslav Makarov for a hotel project on the Petrograd embankment. He spoke about the plot of 0.6 hectares on the Black River, building 1, lit. A. Here, too, planned a house on the site of the existing car wash (17300 sq. M of housing and a further 2,700 sq ft of non-residential premises). The applicant, who is also the owner of the site, asked to change the public-business zone to residential TD2_1 TD 1-1_1. No arguments given, approval Smolny received.

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