As a macron named Putin As a macron named Putin

Emmanuel macron has posted on his Twitter page. The French President was his Russian counterpart to the aircraft before flying to Australia, and it was about a nuclear deal with Iran.

Earlier during his visit to the US macron tried to convince President Donald Trump not to abandon an agreement with the Tehran agreement. The parties agreed on a compromise: to extend the old agreement, not cancellation. In particular, it is proposed that the document is not affected tolko. Iran’s nuclear program, and ballistic. Otherwise, trump threatened to withdraw from the agreement. . In January, he gave his European partners 4 months to revise the parameters of the transaction.

Moscow, one of the guarantors of the agreement, believes that no alternative to it, and that questioning him Washington may open a Pandora’s box. Tehran has the promise to resurrect his nuclear program and to boost the development of ballistic weapons.


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