The Russians defeated the French with the score 7: 0 in the first match of the world championship in Denmark. On may 6, the Russian team will play against Austria.

“I got a vacation planned, but rested a little, practiced and went to the national team.” However, she had the tickets to hand. locker room were hanging, waiting (laughs). Kane like Buchnevich, Pasha, it’s hard to adapt? It’s hockey, we all play together, understand each other.

Why do we have the first warm-up matches for the world Cup? Here every game is important and we should not underestimate the opponent, any team can spring a surprise. Tune into Austria. Yesterday I was unhappy with something, it was more severe in the defense to play. The flaws in the game without the puck, this should be added. In the second period of relaxation we had, just the French inflated the pace, ran forward, as we were not ready. And so the game is good, the tempo was, have fun on the ice “, – quotes Anisimov Sport24.EN.


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