AppStore and Google Play are not in a hurry to remove Telegram at the request of Roskomnadzor

Roskomnadzor continues to conduct a dialogue with the Google Play and AppStore app stores, Vadim Subbotin, the deputy head of Roskomnadzor, told Vedomosti: “There are no positive results yet, but the agency continues to clarify its position and sends companies a court decision. “We regularly communicate through Russian representatives of these companies and send documents clarifying our position. We do not comment on the possible terms of these negotiations, “Subbotin said.

The representative of Google declined to comment, the representative of Apple at the time of publication of the note did not respond to the query of “Vedomosti”.

But, according to Subbotin, Roskomnadzor conducted a blocking of 50 VPN-services and proxy servers. Subbotin specified that all blocked services were created specifically to bypass Telegram locks, but refused to voice their names. Subbotin is confident that the lock was successful. Blocked services are not interested in “jumping” from one address to another, trying to bypass their own lock, he explains: they can not materially implement this, they are too small.

AppStore and Google Play are not in a hurry to remove Telegram at the request of RoskomnadzorDissenters from Telegram

The blocking of these services occurred gradually, says Subbotin, the rest are constantly monitored. According to him, there is no fixed plan for future blockages – they will be relevant only as long as the services continue to distribute technical services bypassing the Telegram lock.

Roskomnadzor began sending out notices about the forthcoming blocking to proxy server owners as early as April 16. In response, the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov soon stated on his Vkontakte page that he would pay bit-grants to the proxy-service and VPN administrators. According to him, during this year he is ready to donate “millions of dollars” of personal funds to this. Durov also called on everyone to help finance proxy services and VPN.

In parallel, Roskomnadzor is negotiating with 15 foreign hosting providers to isolate the addresses of their subnets used by Telegram – to block them on the territory of Russia. “These are completely different providers, from different jurisdictions. Some of these names have little to say to most users, although there are quite large ones, which we also do not call, “- critical Subbotin. Earlier Roskomnadzor reported on negotiations with Amazon and Google.


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