Anastasia Lisova showed a new apartment in Moscow

Anastasia Lisova showed in Instagram Stories her new apartment in Moscow, which has already brought a piece of furniture, so that from day to day the ex-participant "Houses-2" waiting for a housewarming. After the birth of a small Miroslava in their current home, the family became cramped, so it was decided to save money for new spacious apartments. Lisova chose the sleeping area of ​​the capital, where the balconies offer a beautiful view of the cozy courtyards.

During a long walk with the child, the young parents decided to reach their future home, and Anastasia did not miss the opportunity to give fans a live broadcast.

During the virtual tour of the apartment Lisova showed fans how she and her husband arranged the luxurious bathroom, a balcony, a living room with a working area by the window. Everywhere, like the mistress wanted, mirrors are hung. On the balcony there will be a rocking chair.

Anastasia Lisova showed a new apartment in Moscow

According to the voice of the bloggers, the audience realized that she was delighted with the repair, because she made a lot of her own ideas. Subscribers wished the family a quiet move and a long happy life in the new apartment.

Anastasia Lisova showed a new apartment in Moscow

Earlier, Anastasia Lisova shocked subscribers with her thinness.

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